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The sick post; day 28.

Yes, I have been ill at least 28 days. 28 DAYS! My best (worst?) record for feeling bad. I can write off the entire month of February. Bicycle rides? My general health ruled those out. Four doctor visits as well. Yes, FOUR. “You’re sick.” Good thing I am paying all of that money for health insurance to be told “you’re sick”. Yeah, I kinda of figured that one out doc, with symptoms of fever, sore throat, aches and pains, ect. “Just monitor the situation”. Okay, doc. I should have been a doctor. “You’re sick! Now pay me.”

Last night we went to a charity fundraiser at the Botanical Gardens. Food and drinks were available. Memphis Made beer made an appearance as well. Free beer? No. Not for me. I had a bit of food and a SPRITE, but again, my body wasn’t up to the party. After an hour, my back said “no more”, and we left. To make matters worse (better?), I slept for 12.5 hours last night. This flu / cold / illness is sapping my energy. Must get better.

I received the new Bicycling Magazine in the post today.

Bicycle Magazine April 2015

Excellent. I have yet to dive into the issue yet, but cannot wait to do so. If you enjoy some bicycling, this magazine is for you.

Speaking of bicycles, the Germantown Greenway Trail is about to get 2 miles longer. Wow. Although I need to start riding this trail (for some reason I have yet to do so), I will definitely put this trail on my to do list.

And speaking of the “post”, my mailman left his scanner on my mail box.

Post Office Scanner

Weird. Very weird. I’m not sure if the saturday mailman is the same as the weekday mailman (I think he is a different guy to tell you the truth), but I called the local post office to let them know the scanner was left at my address. “Really?” Yes really. The clerk who answered the phone sounded as though she couldn’t believe how dumb the carrier acted. I’ve encountered the weekend carrier in the past. When I spoke to him, asking about a package he was attempting to leave for me, he acted as though I were some kind of criminal mastermind. “Let me see some identification.” Yes, I hang out all day, waiting for your little truck to tell you the package you are holding is really mine. I understand asking for I.D., but he didn’t ask for identification, he demanded to see my license. Again, the weekend carrier is a weirdo. BUT, I threw him a freebie and notified the post office of his lost scanner. I wonder how much I saved him, if he had to pay for that scanner out-of-pocket.

This morning, after 12.5 hours of sleep, I stopped in at Coffee Town for a) coffee b) waffles.

Nothing but love.

Nothing but love.

I will state this is this first time I have noticed this coffee cup.

Catherine The Great Coffee

I wonder if they have a “Peter the Great” coffee cup? (By the way, Catherine was not her name. It was Sophie. And… she wasn’t even Russian. Ooops)

More bicycles. The Midnight Classic Bike Ride has posted the date for the 2015 ride. The date to save is August 29th 2015 at Tiger Lane.

Midnight classic bike ride 2014 3

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures

Yes, I enjoy the location at Tiger Lane. This starting point is close to home, and just a few minutes away by bicycle. If you are expecting “beer-apalooza” at the bike ride, as some of us have enjoyed in years past, “beerfest” is not happening.

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013

Now you get a beer or two at most, and that’s it. I’m not advising you to bring your own cooler, but if you are looking for beer at Tiger Lane, you will be disappointed. Well maybe not, if you buy VIP ticket$. My thoughts? If you have not taken part in the Midnight Classic Bicycle Tour, do it. The freedom to dominate the streets of Memphis for a while is awesome, totally awesome. Give me one day of the year when I get to ride in the streets and motorists are not a worry. Plus you are surrounded by some great people. Me? I ride slow for the most part, enjoying the evening. Some complain that the event is crowded. True. Make sure your bike is in decent condition, ride carefully, and wear a helmet.

Lastly. The film “Angel Heart“. I watch very little television. I haven’t watched this film in decades. Good movie. Robert De Niro is fantastic for the part he played. Creep-y. Mickey Rourke looks very young. The story and plot are very good. Now I want to read the book “Falling Angel” by William Hjortsberg.


Is the book better than the movie? Maybe. I will find out. I have a couple of other books lined up ahead of “Angel”. Another book for the “to do” list.

Done. I hoping to beat this cold, and then get back on the bicycle. See YOU back here for more books, movies, bikes and beers. Cheers.