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And I am back…. into the land of the living. For how long? I have no idea. 3 weeks ago, I had tonsillitis. Last week, the flu. I was feeling better last Thursday and went to work. Then Friday evening, I started to feel sick again. Saturday, I was in bad shape, so I stopped into a shopping center clinic to get MORE medicine. I can’t shake this sickness! I was given more meds to combat whatever I have. Today? I feel much better. Just to make sure everything is okay, I am going to an E.N.T. office to check me out next week. After all of this sickness, I want to be over this biological disaster.

In the news…

There may be a new brewery in town. Location? Near Crosstown. I have heard talk¬†rumors of another brewery “brewed up” in Memphis, but I didn’t think much of the rumor. Guess I was wrong. Crosstown Brewing is the name. See the Facebook page here. Although if you ask me, that area of town is covered by High Cotton (This would place the breweries two miles apart). And to be fair, High Cotton is very, very good at what they do. My idea? Put a brew pub downtown near the Harahan Bridge. PERFECT place to catch runners, tourists, and cyclists coming and going. I would also suggest that Ghost River put in a brew pub NEAR the bridge location. And if they can’t do it, someone else needs to. Then again, if Crosstown picks up foot traffic, then Crosstown Brewing may have chosen a great location.

The big beer companies really do need to fear these small breweries. The jig is up InBev. People now know what good beer tastes like. And these local breweries are taking a bite out of big beer profit. Just sayin’.

From the Memphis Business Journal:

“The American Brewers Association reported that 502 breweries opened between July 1, 2013 and June 30 of 2014, a rate of almost 10 per week.”

If YOU are thinking of getting your foot in the brewing door, you better have some serious cash to back yourself up. The number I have heard is $500,000 just for a starter brewery. Want a tap room for your customers? Try an additional $100,000.

Paul Ryburn reported that this years Best Memphis Burger event will happen at Tiger Lane. Yes!

I don’t think parking is going to be an issue at Burger Fest this coming fall.”


Just FYI, I live less than 1 mile from Tiger Lane. I guess I will have to walk to the event, or ride my bicycle. The event takes place Saturday October 3rd. Never been to Best Memphis Burger Festival? I will show you what you are missing.

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

best memphis burger festival

Best Memphis Burger Trophy

The event has food, drinks and music. Good event. Please attend.

Speaking of drinks… My wife went by Joe’s in Midtown to pick up some wine and also found me some half growlers of beer.

Joe's Growlers Memphis

What’s inside the bottles? Wiseacre Coffee (which I LOVE), and Stone IPA. Now if I can just get over this cold so I can drink some beers.

Done. Now if I can just get past this cold. See YOU on the flip side. Cheers.