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Are you prepared for the Memphis Ice storm 2015 snowmageddon “Tito”? We stocked up on supplies.

But first…. We checked out the film “Kingsman“. Good movie. Go see it.


THEN… we prepared for the ice storm. We ordered some food from Memphis Pizza Cafe. Did you know you can park BEHIND Memphis Pizza Cafe for takeout.

Memphis Pizza Cafe Parking

Just put your hazard lights on, and go get your food.

So we picked up two salads and a calzone.

Memphis Pizza Cafe Salad

Memphis Pizza Cafe Calzone

Good as always.

We also picked up some beers…. just in case.

Pumpkin Beer

My favorite phrase when the power went out at the entertainment office years ago… “Break out the emergency beer!” You must be prepared.

Because the weather will be bad tomorrow, I have downloaded a couple of games. Quake. No, I never played the game when it came out.

I also downloaded a retro game titled Sanctuary. Very retro, but a cool game. Definitely a different kind of game. Check out the free demo.

I noticed an apartment for rent near the Chick-fil-A in Midtown. What attracted me to the apartment was the name; Peddler Apartments. Here is the interesting part. Each unit comes with a bicycle. “Peddle to the Square and Everywhere!”

Peddler Appartments Memphis

Peddler Apartment Memphis Facebook

Peddler Apartments Ad

You can see the ad for the apartment above. Two bedrooms, one bath. Hardwood floors. And a bicycle.

My wife purchased a valentine’s day card for me.

Bicycle Card

Check out the bicycle! Very cool card if I say so myself.

Alright. Get hunkered down for the ice storm Memphis. See you on the other side.