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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.


Since my doctors appointment went so well, I though I would celebrate with a beer and burger. It’s Christmas in February.

Bellyacres Jalapeño

We stopped in at Belly Acres at Overton Square for dinner. The burger was topped with fresh jalapenos. HOT! And the burger was good.

I also fought the parking meter at the Overton Square garage. The directions to the meter state to push the credit card all the way in, then “pull card out slowly”. After 6 failed attempts, I figured the device out.              Pull out quickly. Not slowly. Pull out quickly. It makes a difference.

Overton Square Parking Garage

And lastly, truth is stranger than fiction. My wife found this article in the Memphis Flyer.

Posing with cats

You can’t make this stuff up. And it’s not April 1st yet.

Time to have a drink. See YOU back here for more burgers, parking meters and naked cats. Cheers!