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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Am I still sick? Yes I am. But I am doing better. I am holding off a bicycle ride until the end of the week, to give my body some time to recuperate.

FINALLY. Flipboard is on the internet. FINALLY. I could do live on Flipboard 24/7. Really. Love the Flipboard. (If you want to check me out, search for Living Loud In Memphis or just click on the link) I also have two other magazines; “Bicycle Memphis” and “Memphis Beer / Alcohol” “Hey, I made the cover!” Kidding…. Maybe.

So a few notes about Flipboard. In the past, the articles you found in magazines could only be viewed on a phone or tablet. Not a COMPUTER. Which made NO SENSE TO ME. Uhhh… If I can see the media on a phone or tablet, why not a desktop or laptop? I went to the ends of the earth to put Flipboard on my laptop. I downloaded the program Bluestacks (an emulator), then I downloaded the Flipboard app, THEN hacked the app into Bluestacks. (because you can’t just ADD the Flipboard app into Bluestacks. No. That would be easy) I had to view youtube video’s in RUSSIAN and GERMAN in order to figure out a work around for the repeated error message while loading the app. Dude. You REALLY like Flipboard. Yes. Yes I do. So now, it is simple. I just go to Flipboard.com.

Although I like the web format of Flipboard, the feel of the page is a bit LARGE and klunky. (Wait. Is that even a word?) But, I am happy about the move to a webpage. This should make work a happier place. Now, if Flipboard could just update automatically….

Something else I found while using Flipboard today was Manything. Home security using an old cell phone? I’m in. A low monthly cost (just a few bucks) and alerts in real-time sounds excellent to me. I will give Manything a go. Now to find that old cell phone….

I FINALLY finished the short story work of fiction for the Memphis Magazine 2015 Fiction contest. Clocking in at nearly 4500 words, the story was a beast to wrestle. I believe my pacing in the story was much better than last years pace. This years story flowed much more evenly as well. The story took hours to write. Usually I would sit and type for three hours at a time. Then there was the editing. And the re-editing. Then I had my wife edit the story. Spell check. Grammar check. Writers should make way more money. Really. After reading over the story, my wife gave the manuscript a score of 7.5 out of 10. Not bad.

If you need a short fictional story about Elvis, a friend typed up a short story about the King.

Elvis Superman 2

Read the story here. I do wonder why the city of Memphis does not have an Elvis fiction contest. I just read over my friends Elvis story this evening. Although he posted the story a while ago, I wanted to keep his story from bleeding over into my short work of fiction. No worries. Both works are completely different.

Elvis Skull

Done. Beat. See YOU back here for more tech, short stories and Flipboard. Cheers.

vampire elvis