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This week… I’m down with the sickness.

I felt the cough coming on a few days ago. Everyone at work had already experienced the cough, except me. I didn’t feel well Wednesday night and I was feeling about 70% okay when my cough went downhill fast. I ended up coughing my lungs out most of the night.

This is not working. I went by Krogers on Poplar and checked in to see the nurse. An hour later I had a prescription and a diagnosis. I had tonsillitis. My tonsils were ginormous (at least that is what the nurse told me). “My, what big tonsils you have.”

The last couple of days have been nothing but cough syrup, cough drops, medicine and general discomfort. Fun.

All of the above basically means no bike rides for the next few days.

If you want to get creeped out from past radio shows, check out CBS Radio Mystery Theater. You can download some of the shows via iTunes. I used to listen to the show in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Think “Twilight Zone” on the radio. One of my favorite episodes was “The Ninth Volume“. I couldn’t remember the name of the show, but I scanned the show catalog and discovered the show again. Excellent.

Done. See you back here for more cough syrup, cough drops and medication.