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Since I forgot to press the “Publish” button a few days ago, it appears you get a couple of posts today.

I found an article in the Memphis Flyer Issue #1353. The “Party on Wheels” (page 8). Memphis. now. has. a. party. bicycle. (No, not mine) Happy Birthday to ME! Funny, I was watching “The Booze Traveler” t.v. series recently and a beer bike was featured on the show in the city of Amsterdam. If you do not know what a “beer bike” is, picture a bar on wheels, with bicycle pedals at each seat, and patrons keep the bar on the move by pedaling. F.Y.I. there is a designated driver at the wheel. As of now, the bar on a bike in Memphis is B.Y.O.B. To book the beer bike tour, call River City Pedalers at 901-825-7519. Sign. Me. Up. Check the beer bike out at Facebook; www.facebook.com/rivercitypedalers. (By the way, if anyone wants to pay my admission for my “birthday beer bike ride” in October, I’m all in.)

Next. Thursday morning the temperature was nearly 55 degrees when I started my bike ride to work. Perfect! I listened to classic rock and made my way to Shelby Farms and a bit further. No worries. When I arrived at work I discovered the IT tech fix for the software problem the day before didn’t take. So round number two begins. (Hitting my head against the desk, over and over) Finally, the fix was “fixed”. We will see how long the fix lasts.

Leaving work, I was horrified at the wind speed. The wind wasn’t just bad, the wind was savage. Hurricane force winds. Really. Worse still, the wind was blowing in my face. For 3 miles I fought against the wind while riding my bicycle. Not. the. best. idea. After Shelby Farms, I had to make it up Gardner Road to the Greenline.

Greenline Gardner Rd Shelby Farms 2

Again, more fun. When I finally reached the Greenline I was beat. And I only needed 8.5 miles more to ride. At least the tree line along the Greenline blocked some of the wind. By the time I parked the bicycle at home, it was nearly 7:00 p.m. My bike ride took 20 minutes longer than usual. A local guy that rides a great deal cancelled his evening ride due to the wind. Some are smarter than others.

Done. No work tomorrow. Plans? Coffee and bikes. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and hurricanes. Cheers.