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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Since the temperature this morning was 50 degrees, I found the bike ride to Coffee Town an easy one. Hey look, I’m NOT wearing 4 layers of clothing for the bike ride! Imagine that. Yes, winter is winding down. My prediction? 6 weeks of cold weather. After 6 weeks, we should be at the halfway point in March. Which means warmer weather, which means nice bike rides. Just sayin’.

When I arrived at Coffee Town, the waitress told me I was late. “Ummm… no. Today I work late, and I go to work late, so I can get to Coffee Town late. Keep up people!”. Or something like that.

After coffee, and the news, I called my order in. Central BBQ to go. Easiest way to skip the line? Call your order in. One phone and two miles later, I had my sandwich in hand. Oink.

central bbq

I was riding at Shelby Farms the other day and I have always noticed this sign at the gate.

Shelby Farms Weapons

I THOUGHT the jail time was for the offense of being in the park after dark. It is not.

Park closes at sunset shelby farms

Ohhh….. Not that I would be in the park after dark. Ever. Just sayin’. And for the folks who carry a concealed firearm in the park… You may want to check out my post a while back about that. Charlton Heston or

Charlton Heston Stamp 2

a stamp bearing his likeness may come back to haunt me. “I’ll give you my bicycle air pump when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

I did see this sunset though. Strafing the sky.

Shelby Farms Sunset

Do motorists ever notice sunsets? Just asking.

Done. See YOU back here for more bbq, bikes and Charlton Heston. Cheers.

(It helps if I press the “PUBLISH” button, since I wrote this post up 3 days ago 🙂