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Movie day. I originally intended to see the film “Black Hat”, but since I read the schedule incorrectly, I ended up watching the film “Big Eyes“.

big eyes ticket stub

Having read the background of the movie, I thought the concept was interesting. Hot dog and nachos in hand, I sat down to the picture show.

hot dog nachos

My thoughts? Amy Adams is spot on in the lead role. You REALLY believe in her character. Newly married, Margaret Keane plays the role of the submissive wife. Even letting her new husband take credit for her paintings. After her paintings make the couple wealthy, she continues the charade, hiding the truth from the world, her friends, and her own daughter. But after years of abuse, she finally tells the real story.

Another great actor in the film is Krysten Ritter. Playing her good friend DeeAnn, Ritter fits into the film perfectly. Although she gets little film time, her part is also right on the mark as the friend that suspects something is wrong “with this picture”.

My biggest complaint about the film is the casting of the character Walter Keane played by Christoph Waltz. I do not discount his acting skills. My only complaint is that he just didn’t fit the role. Something seemed off with the way he portrayed the character. The film conveys him as a womanizer (ALWAYS chatting up the young women at art shows) but he comes off somewhat feminine for most of the movie. I just didn’t buy it.

The movie was good,  but not great. Go check the film out for yourself.

Oh, here is a wooden comb.

wooden comb

Just sayin’.

Come back for more movies and wooden combs. Cheers.