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Weekend Midtown. Get out.

Since I had to work today, I will go over last weeks activities. With warmer weather, my ride to work was nice.

Shelby Farms Sunset

I did notice some plumbing getting installed at Shelby Farms. The entire newly built bike / ped path at the new lake location at Shelby Farms was lined with pipe.

Shelby Farms Construction

Having purchased a few postage stamps, I decided to use them to send a few bills in.

Charlton Heston Stamps

Of course I added a favorite line from one of my favorite movies starring Mr. Heston. “Get your stinking paws off me…”

Oh yeah, I saw this mural at Overton Square last week. Beautiful colors at the Square.

Overton Square Mural

From bikehacks.com, (a great website by the way) 21 bicycle inspired home decorations. Try them.

Next week the temperatures will climb to nearly 60 degrees. Excellent bicycling riding temperatures. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and books. Cheers.