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June 4th, 2011. The Great Iced Coffee Bicycle Ride. Has it been nearly 4 years since the LAST Great Coffee Bicycle Ride? Hold on to your bike shorts. The Great Coffee Bicycle Ride occurred again today.

If you are unaware of the last Great Coffee Bicycle Ride, you can catch up from the link above. I haven’t read over the post since I had written the ride up so many years ago. Here is what I do remember of the ride in 2011. The ride was HOT. Way hot. From what I remember, I started at Republic Coffee, the headed over to the Eclectic Cafe, then on to Starbucks, Otherlands and Java Cabana. For some reason I did the ride around noon time, the temperature only rising as I made my way from shop to shop.

Out of the blue, with a day off from work, I decided to repeat the ride today. Again, I started at Republic Coffee.

Republic Coffee

I sat down, read the news for a while, then made my way to the second stop.

The reason I stopped here at this coffee shop?

starbucks coffee

A bank was located very near, and I needed to do some banking. Thankfully the bank didn’t harass me for riding in the drive thru on a bike.

Bank Drivethru

(You would be VERY surprised how riding a bicycle in a drive thru is troublesome for some businesses)

The banking sorted out, time for coffee. I guess I don’t read the menu often enough at this joint. “Blonde” coffee? Blonde jokes are easy enough, so I will not go there. I was actually surprised how good the “blonde” coffee tasted. Better than expected.

Onward. I became turned around in Cooper Young (LOST in my own neighborhood), but I did see this mural.

Midtown Is Memphis Mural

And on the opposite side of the street… 38104.

38104 Mural

I think the art is cool.

Cooper Young Mural

After getting back on track, I headed over to Muddy’s Grind House.

I really couldn’t remember which street the shop was located on. Found the place and wheeled up that STEEP driveway. I had to stand up in the saddle to get to the front door. Once inside, I asked for a coffee and sat and relaxed.

Muddys Grindhouse Coffee

Muddys Grindhouse

I wonder if anyone notices the small door (bottom left of the photo) at the counter.

Muddys Grindhouse Counter

Next. One block down, another coffee shop; Otherlands.


Yes, Cooper Young has two coffee shops one block apart. We do like our coffee. I do find it interesting that both shops were crowded, but with different crowds. Muddy’s shop draws the white-collar crowd, while Otherlands brings in the writer/philosopher/hippie crowd. Order a “small” coffee at Otherlands, and you will get just that. A SMALL cup of coffee.

otherlands coffee

I placed a quarter next to the cup so you could get an idea of just how small this cup of coffee is. To be fair, they do offer a refill.

Moving on. The last coffee shop on the list is Java Cabana.

Java Cabana

If you enjoy a “chill” place, this is it. Whether you are writing, reading or just relaxing, this place is for you.

Java Cabana Interior

Java Cabana Coffee

As I was sitting outside, the owner saw my bicycle and said she needed to get back on her bicycle. I told her my story about the “Great Coffee Bicycle Ride”. “This is the fifth coffee shop I have visited today”. My guess is that she thought I was crazy or just making the story up.

Five coffee shops, one bicycle, one day. Done.

Finishing up The Great Coffee Bicycle Ride, I placed a to go order at Central BBQ. Time to start The Great BBQ Bicycle Ride….. or I could just leave that for another day.

BBQ Shop Ribs

(Truth be told, I went BACK to Central BBQ later in the evening to pick up some BBQ chicken for dinner. Twice in one day!)

See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee, and bbq. Cheers.