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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Unless I post this after 12:00 a.m., which will probably happen, then mark your calendar “Waffle Wednesday”.

I worked late this evening, THEN I printed out portions of a PowerPoint for a co-worker to use. THEN I picked up some beer.


NOW I am typing this entry up. Just living the dream….

Podcasts. I listen to them.


I enjoy podcasts. Best reasons? FREE. I can listen to podcasts when I want to, where I want to. Some podcasts are better than others though. And there are podcasts about EVERY subject. And I mean EVERY subject under the sun. I just attempted a search for “podcast medieval history”, except the words I typed were “podcast MEDICAL history”. There is a podcast for “medical history”. “Sawbones”. I do not listen to podcasts about medical history. Or “Sawbones”. Just sayin’. Getting back to the podcasts I WOULD recommend.

“Reply All”. The reviews are VERY GOOD for this show. Although the podcast is about tech, the show demonstrates how tech changes our society. I gave the show a go. My thoughts? Episode 1; good. Nice story. Episode 2; not as good. Although the last 7 minutes of the podcast turned out to be the best part of the episode. Episode 3; good. Want to know WHO invented pop up ads and WHY pop up ads were invented? This podcast will tell you. A side note. I want my podcasts to range from 45 minutes to an hour, maybe more. This is for a few reasons. The 45 minute to an hour range allows the host to get into the meat of a subject. I also ride my bicycle daily and use the time to listen to shows. A good part of my ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Entertain me in that time period please. (I listen to one certain podcast and the last show came in at 5 hours. 5 HOURS! Holy hell. At first I thought there was an error. No. The episode lasts for 5 hours. I am still working on wading through the first hour) “Reply All” is a short podcast. I enjoy the show, but 18 minute shows do not fill enough of my time.

“Startup” is a REALLY, REALLY good podcast. If you have ever dreamed of starting a company, this show takes you into the heart of the matter. Sharp commentary and funny, well crafted episodes keep you coming back for more. Listen to “Startup”.

“Welcome to Night Vale” is an odd podcast. Although the show has a cult following, the show is a bit on the outside. Outside with a capital “O”. I gave episode 1 a listen to, but I found the show to be really “far out” for my taste. The episodes are fictional, and there are good ideas, but the show bends too far out for me.

“Serial”. You MUST listen to this podcast. FANTASTIC. I can’t wait for the next season.

“Craft Beer Radio”. Like beer? Listen to “Craft Beer Radio”. Me? I have been a fan for more than 7 years now. Lately though, I have been a “pre and post show” listener. (The hosts record a pre-show and post show where they basically b.s. about everything. I find these parts of the show more entertaining than the regular show) Good stuff here.

The “Eddie Trunk Podcast” is FANTASTIC. For some reason I didn’t feel as though I needed to listen to the podcast since I watched the t.v. show, listened to the show on the radio and read the book. The podcast is just another way to listen to some of the great interviews that Eddie Trunk delivers on a weekly basis. If you enjoy classic rock, listen to this podcast.

“Science Fiction Film Podcast”. I dig the show. If you enjoy sci-fi movies, check out this podcast. Again, these shows last over an hour, and provide good entertainment. Even better, the co-host is scared of everything. EVERYTHING! Perfect host for a sci-fi film podcast. Like sci-fi? Listen to this show.

Again, you have to pick and choose podcasts. I listen to a certain podcast EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in order to fall asleep. The podcast is so boring, I fall asleep long before the hosts interview the guest. Best sleep aid ever.

Done. I have yet to drink the beer, and am beat. See YOU back here for more podcasts, beers, and bikes. Cheers.