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Is it cold enough for you Memphis?

In 6 months I will also ask, “Is it HOT enough for you Memphis?”. At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when the cold will clear out of the area. I give the cold another 8 weeks or so, and then the warm weather will return. Patio weather and cold beer. I can’t wait.

The other day I braved the cold; 10 degrees was the temperature in the morning.

10 degree bike ride

I wanted to get in a bike ride if at all possible. 17 miles to be exact. My first thought as I wheeled away from home was; “Dude. The temperature is 10 DEGREES. 10. Not fit for humans, outside on a bicycle.” The lowered temperature was not THAT bad. I took some chemical warmers for my feet. The chem warmers worked, for about 20 minutes. At that point, the chem warmers could not keep up with the chilly weather. And I didn’t see anyone out on the Greenline, at all. I had the entire trail to myself for some reason. After reaching the eastern end of the Greenline, I headed back in the opposite direction. I did see one other bicyclist using the Greenline on my way back. I looked at him like he was crazy, the same way he looked at me.

Another point I would like to make is even though you have gloves, good gloves, with a 10 degree outdoor temperature, you may want to use chemical warmers in your gloves. I really could have used the extra heat during those 17 miles. When I arrived home, my feet really were fish sticks. Really. Frozen. Froooo-zennnnn.

But then again, it was really mind over matter. Can I do this? Instead of staying in that nice warm bed, can I get outside and ride? Damn the cold temperatures, I’m doing this! I believe the coldest ride I dared last year was 14 degrees. Another 10 degree ride? Sure. Why not.

I had the chance to look over the latest edition of the Memphis Flyer today. There are some good articles included in the paper. “Save the Coliseum!” not. Again with the “save the coliseum” thing?

Save the coliseum Memphis

Just because many famous musical acts performed at the coliseum, does not mean Memphis (or anyone else) should save the coliseum. “Elvis went to school here, SAVE THE SCHOOL!” I do not see the logic. This big old barn is light years away from “state of the art”. Built in 1963, you are talking about upgrading a record player to an iPhone. If you keep the coliseum, you would have to gut the building to the bones, then pay for state of the art light and sound. Box seats should be added (since box seats bring that thing called $). Naming rights? What company would put (BUY) a name on the big old barn? A.D.A. upgrades? That alone would cost millions of dollars. I have worked in the live music business for more than 15 years. Working in state of the art buildings as well as “dumps”, I can tell you saving this particular building because who played there is not a valid argument. (I worked at an old outdoor venue and the stage was held together by duct tape) Is the architectural design one of a kind? No. Will Bass Pro Shop buy the building to build a smaller Bass Pro Shop? No. Will any other company buy the old barn? No. Let the building go! Please.

There was a great article in the New York Times by Stuart Miller about Airbnb (January 2nd 2015). If you do not know what Airbnb is, here is the dirt. People with an extra room, apartment, ect at their home rent out the said room for a price to travelers. I have been fascinated by Airbnb for some time. Can this work? Apparently it does work… sometimes. Results vary. It appears Airbnb is hit and miss. Not so much with a typical hotel. The “Hippie Bus” experiment in New Orleans sounds great, but not so much on the practical side. The article even mentioned a stop in Memphis:

“No place highlighted the potential pitfalls better than Memphis. The city was memorable — Graceland, Sun Studios, the Stax Museum, Beale Street, the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel — yet lodging proved an endless headache.

The seemingly wide array of choices narrowed quickly. Like a modern Goldilocks, I found this house too small, that one too high-priced. Finding one that was just right? Not so simple. “Southern Hospitality With a Twist” got my attention until I discovered that the twist was nudism. We prefer our hosts clothed.

I read about a house “just four miles from Memphis and all Beale Street has to offer.” Google Maps showed that the house was four miles from the Memphis border but a half-hour from Beale Street.”

Again, hit and miss when it comes to Airbnb.

Done. See YOU out there along the Greenline, even in the cold. Cheers.