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Cold enough for you Memphis?

Cold Temperatures

I was able to get a couple of bicycle rides in this week. The last ride lasted 17 miles, which was okay.

I also received a few items in the post the other day.

The orange box contains 40(?) chemical warmers.


I figure that may (or may not) get me through the winter, until March 17. (MY official cut off for winter) The other item is a blue wire light. I use these lights to keep my bicycle frame illuminated at night. The lighted wire gives the bicycle a “Tron” appearance.

ice bike 2012

The blue light works very well. Except when the light is several years old and the battery pack just falls to the ground. BUT, the light is pretty cheap; $6 or so. Better yet, the battery is connected to the light via a cable connection. The cord was severed near the battery, so instead of having to re-wire the entire frame of the bicycle, (which is a major pain) the only thing I have to do is attach the new battery pack to the old wiring system already attached to the bicycle. Be seen at night folks.

In other bicycle news, there will be additional bicycle fixing stations set up near Shelby Farms Park.

Bicycle Repair Shelby Farms

Bicycle Repair tools Shelby Farms

From the Memphis Business Journal,

“The repair stations will include an elevated bike stand, an air pump and basic bike tools for minor repairs. The four repair stations are at the terminus of Shelby Farms Greenline, Tour de Wolf trailhead, Germantown trailhead and the Wolf River Pedestrian Bridge.”

Excellent. I only wish a couple of these repair stations was placed at the half way point along the Greenline and at Tillman Street. I carry an extra tube, tire levers, all sorts of tools, patches, portable air pump and even a spare TIRE with me while I ride. (The extra tire is interchangeable with my Conti tires which are very difficult to install on the rim.) Yes, Memphis is moving in the correct direction.

I finished the Joe Perry “Rocks” book.

Joe Perry Book

Good stuff in the book. The book mentions people who I know or have worked with in the past. Some of his insights are spot on, and others… not so much. I especially enjoyed the chapter at the end of the book about the guitars and sound system he uses on stage. Weird. I’m not a guitar guy, but the stories behind the guitars and amps are very interesting.

The current temperature is 9 degrees. The temperature should rise to 13 by the time I head out to ride for a few miles. That should be fun.

See YOU back here for more bikes, lights, and heat. Cheers.