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Happy New Year Memphis. Here we go.

I was headed down the Greenline Wednesday morning when I “ran across” this.

broken bottle greenline

Yes. I really ran over the broken bottle. To say I was pissed is an understatement. The broken bottle is on the Greenline on the eastern side of the Holmes Street Bridge. I was able to get much of the broken glass off the trail yesterday morning. Still, nothing bothers me more than broken glass.

Or broken fences. AGAIN, the TDOT construction zone at I40 and 240 has broken fences.

Broken TDOT Fence

If TDOT is not willing to monitor the work site, then why bother with the fences? Pack ’em up and go.

Speaking of Shelby Farms, there is a new gate installed at the new entrance off of Farm Road.

shelby farms gate

NOT that I took a photo of the gate at night in the park. At least with this gate I do not have to jump a fence to get out of the park. NOT that I have ever done that in the past. Ever.

And the gym at Poplar and Humes? The parking lot was empty.

empty gym

Yeah. Wait till Friday 1/2/2015. The gym will be packed for the entire month of January. You will have to beg to use a machine. By February, most “new” gym members just give up going.

During Christmas in San Antonio, I was able to visit a house where I once lived while attending college. The year was around 1990-1991. Rent total, INCLUDING utilities, for the 2 bedroom, 1 bath plus garage? $100 per month. I didn’t have a telephone. I never bothered to put one in. I LOVED it. Here is the kitchen.

Marthas House Kitchen

Now the stove is new (at least from what I had). I don’t believe the shelves were installed when I living here. Cabinets were the same.

The dining room is pretty much the same. I think I had a “hand me down” old table and maybe two chairs if I was lucky.

Marthas House dining room

In the bedroom I had a water bed placed here against the wall. I remember falling out of the water bed one night, falling hard on the wooden floor.

Marthas house bedroom

I don’t think the ceiling fan was installed when I lived here, but I could be wrong. “Memories… like the corner of my mind…. I don’t know the lyrics…. of the way we were….”

And lastly, a photo of an old friend and I at the end of an evening.

Frank and Ty San Antonio

Great to catch up with friends.

That does it. Have a great new year and I will be back with more

Bicycle Sign

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013


book sale 1

Monkey reading "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

Monkey reading “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.