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Merry Christmas Memphis. And a Happy New Year.

christmas tree memphis

So what did I do for Christmas? A whole lotta this.

Mexican Food TACO CABANA

We spent a week in central Texas with family and friends. Plus I was able to get in a 3 hour bicycle ride along the San Antonio river.

But let me take you back in time a few years. (Okay, to the year 1998 or so) I USED to ride my bike in San Antonio on a daily basis. I was commuting to work from the southeast side of town to downtown. My ride would begin at 6:00 a.m. Pedaling down a very busy street in the dark was not much fun. And at the end of the busy street was a hill. Stopping at the bus stop at the top of the hill, I would catch my breath. The next part of my ride was so bad, I would have to skirt the neighborhood (McCreless area). There was also a nice bridge near downtown that I would stop at the top to watch the sun rise over downtown in the morning. (Near the Alamodome, over the rail tracks) Finally I would make it to work downtown, ditch the bike, run a few miles on the river, then head into work. After work, repeat in the opposite direction. Easy right? Not so. Every single day motorists would nearly run me off the street, throw trash at me or curse at me. Every day of the week. So imagine my surprise the addition of new bike lanes in San Antonio which are now everywhere in the city.

The change of the bike scene in San Antonio is a night and day difference. I was out riding in the neighborhoods in San Antonio last week and not one motorist yelled at me. Or even honked a horn at me. A huge difference in a positive way. So back to my ride this year in San Antonio.

Bicycle Sign

I jumped on the trail near Presa and Military. The gravel part of the trail was a short one.

San Antonio River Trail

And then the trail opens up to this view.

San Antonio River Trail Bridge 2

Several bridges cross the river along the bike trail.

San Antonio River Trail Bridge Close up

Oh, and you can rent bicycles at the missions or along the river trail as well. We noticed an entire family which had rented bikes. (See my post from a couple of years ago about bicycle rentals in San Antonio, TX here)

San Antonio Bicycle Rental

Here is a view of Mission San Jose.

San Antonio Mission San Jose

I found this guy on the side of the trail.

Fearless Bicyclist in San Antonio

My uncle would be my guide to the trails since it had been years since I was riding on the river paths. He used to ride these trails daily. If I lived in San Antonio, I would ride these trails daily as well.

Ty Bicycle San Antonio

The trails along the river are amazing. The paths go on and on for miles. Love it!

San Antonio River Trail Map 2

You can see from the map the length of the pedestrian and bicycle paths. We began the bike ride at the half way point, and headed towards downtown. After reaching the Blue Star area (arts area), we headed back south to the southern end of the trail.

San Antonio Mission Bicycle

The river trails are brilliant. I loved each and every mile of the ride. But why read about the ride, when you can see part of the ride here. (I had more of the ride captured on camera, then my camera dropped and that was that)

A couple of notes. I saw park rangers frequently along the trails. There were restrooms and water fountains every few miles. Many maps were placed along the trails. If San Antonio can do these things, so can Memphis.

Fantastic bike ride in San Antonio. I only wish I had more time to ride more there. If you ever have a chance, you really should check out the Mission bike trails. Tripadvisor.com has a great link to the trails.