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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some. I started my morning at Coffee Town.

Choose901 Coffee Town

This’ll get you going. One LARGE coffee. I read the news and gulped my addiction down.

At work, I mailed off some letters. Last month I ordered some Charlton Heston stamps just so I could do this:

Charlton Heston Stamps

Every single piece of mail I send out will have this quote from Mr. Heston. I will even order more Charlton Heston stamps when I run out of stock. I LOVE IT! I am also easily amused.

Riding home tonight, I discovered this LIVE buffalo covered in Christmas lights at Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms Buffalo

I could not believe it. Where do they get an extension cord long enough?

And then there was this. Along the Greenline at the White Station overpass.

Wrecked Bicycle Memphis

I guess my day was slightly better than this guys day. The front wheel is folded in half. Wow. That took some work. Or a bad landing.

I think my helmet has had it. I tore out the strap on my bike helmet tonight. Since I had a plastic “strap thing”, I just tied the plastic piece on to get myself home.

Broken Bicycle Helmet strap

Guess it is time to get out my winter riding helmet. Oh yes. Here is the winter riding helmet.

skull helmet

And ANOTHER book from the Memphis Library.

Joe Perry Book

Joe Perry of Aerosmith; “Rocks“. Yes, I have worked an Aerosmith show or two or three or four or… okay, I lost count.

Aerosmith Tour

Looking forward to the “interesting” stories to be told. Thank you Memphis Public Library.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and Charlton Heston.