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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Monkey lights. Heard of them? Me neither, until now. Various colored lights that light up your bicycle rims. Three batteries power the device that attaches to your bicycle wheel. I discovered the device at www.bikehacks.com. There was a review of Monkey Lights on the website. If you are using the same lights for 6 years on  the bicycle, that is a good enough review for me. So I ordered myself one to try out. $25 is not a bad risk.

Monkey Light

Last Saturday evening we headed up to Strano for dinner. Yes, we have dined at Strano in the past. Good italian food to say the least.



Plus good drinks as well.


Trevor is a great bartender who can mix up just about anything you desire. I tried out the Crown Apple Cobbler. The drink was good.


And ask him to do a magic trick if he is not busy. “Merlin! Is that you?” “What witchery is this?” He had me stumped.

I found this book at Coffee Town.

Lance Armstrong Book

I’m not sure if I should read the book or not. In light of the facts that have come out about his method to win… but I do find Mr. Armstrong fascinating. Just from a psychological aspect alone, his character is certainly interesting. Alternative title for the book? “It’s not about the bike… It’s about the E.P.O.” Just sayin’.

Luckily, I put in 17 miles today before work. Got to get some miles in. Best days to ride a bicycle? When you have nowhere to be.

As I was riding to Shelby Farms, I spied this object at the top of Shelby Farms (near the bicycle rental station).

Bicycle Repair Shelby Farms

What. Is. That?

Bicycle Repair Shelby Farms Decal

A bicycle repair station. FANTASTIC! If you need air, or if you need to fix your bicycle, here is where you can do it. All of the tools are here. And it is FREE!

Bicycle Repair tools Shelby Farms

I hope I NEVER need to use this station, but it is good to know that the tools and air pump are available in case myself or someone else needs the tools.

Bicycle Fix station shelby Farms

Once again Shelby Farms has demonstrated why the park is so far ahead of the game. THANK YOU SHELBY FARMS! I love it!

See YOU back here for more food, drinks, and bicycles. Cheers.