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Fantastic bicycle ride today. Why? Here is the reason why.

Greenline Christmas Tree Day

The Greenline Christmas tree. Take a photo with the Christmas tree and post the photo to Facebook (using the Greenline Christmas tree page).

Greenline Christmas Tree Sign

I was game, so I took a photo and posted the picture to Facebook.

Ty and Greenline Christmas Tree

The tree also lights up at night.

Greenline Christmas Tree Night

YOU can add ornaments to the tree if you would like.

I also found new trash cans lining the Greenline. Excellent. Throw your trash in the can Memphis.

Greenline Trash Can

Since I had my axle fixed this week at the Peddler Bike Shop, the mechanic also “slightly” tuned up my bicycle. He did a great job and my bicycle felt like a brand new bike. A perfect day for a perfect bicycle ride.

And MORE Greenline news. The Memphis Flyer posted an article about the Greenline expansion, heading east and west. Both expansion plans have hurdles to overcome. Read the article here from the Memphis Flyer.

Done. Get ready for the weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, Greenline Christmas trees, and maybe some beers.