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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

new bicycle

The latest. My last post described how I broke an axle two miles from home during my commute. What a FUN two-mile ride home. (If you can call that a ride. More like a two-mile “coast”.) I took my bicycle to Peddler Bicycle Shop Tuesday morning. “Busted axle. What can you do?” I asked the bicycle mechanic Bobby. Since there were variables, he said he would have to take apart the wheel to see how bad the wheel was screwed up. No promises.

I later received a phone call. Good news. The only thing wrong with the wheel was the axle. He replaced the axle and the whole thing cost $20 and change. I’ll take it! I picked up the bicycle today. The mechanic also said I needed to start looking for another bicycle. Between the weight I carry in the basket and the amount of miles I put on the bicycle, he said my bicycle would not last much longer. I get it. Most bicycles made today are not manufactured to go further than 10,000 miles. My guess is I put 5000 miles per year on the bicycle. So after 1 1.5 years, it is near time to get a new bicycle. He also recommended new brakes, a new chain and a few other items that needed fixing. THANK YOU Peddler Bicycle Shop!

But, at least the bike is back and ready to ride to work šŸ™‚