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Manic Monday Memphis.

Bike news today. To start off, my wife purchased a magazine subscription for me for my birthday. LOVE the magazine. Especially this issue.

Bicycling Magazine

Page 54; “Coffee of Champions”. Bulletproof Coffee. I must try said coffee. Page 32; “Please Your Knees”. Very informative. “Kicking Butt” page 40. A bike shop for women. Very cool. Page 43, “Saved by the Bike”. Inspiring. Good stuff in this issue.

In other news, after a week of rain, I was able to ride my bike today to work. Excellent right? Well… except for the part where I was riding home. With only 2 miles left to go, I noticed a severe wobble to the back wheel. Broken bottom bracket. I think. Since it was dark outside, diagnosing the problem was difficult. But I have had a broken bottom bracket in the past. And a shredded metal pedal. At the same time. That was the cause of the destruction of my last bicycle. All in all, this means a trip to the bicycle shop tomorrow. At least the wheel didn’t break in the summer. Wait time should be short… I hope.

Other than the broken bracket, the ride to and from work was enjoyable.

Oh yeah. My wife picked up this cheap portable chest of drawers.

Cart for Bicycle Gear

I placed all of my bicycle crap in the chest. One drawer alone took up all of my wristbands.

Bicycle Chest

Another drawer took up tubes. I do have a lot of bicycle crap. At least all of the bicycle crap is out-of-the-way, instead of by the back door, where it was here, there and everywhere.

See YOU back here for more bikes, bicycle magazines and bicycle crap.