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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Is the work week almost done? Already?

I am nearly finished reading the book “Blue Labyrinth” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Good book. Many twists and turns throughout the pages, plus the usual suspects (I mean characters) in the series.

blue labyrinth

The best thing about the book? I downloaded the book from the Memphis Public Library. I LOVE FREE BOOKS!

One of my favorite websites to check every day is Gizmodo.com. There is a very good article about following your dreams. Why go to a job daily that you hate? How about doing what you love to do daily? 99% of the American public do not follow their dreams. Why wait for tomorrow? Do what you love to do for a living.

Watching the movie Almost Famous brought back memories. Some good and some bad. Being backstage is not what you think it is.


It is work. Hard work. Stage hands are hot, sweaty, and tired. I have worked shows and wished the band would JUST STOP PLAYING. “I want to go home, and I can’t leave until your band stops performing.” Or I am dealing with your stupid manager who cannot read a financial report. But there are also funny moments; watching a famous guitar player flipping burgers on a grill back stage. Trying to set up chairs in the audience while a famous band does a VERY LOUD sound check. The singer looked down at me as I am shouting directions to the crew. I looked up at the singer with an expression, “Give me a break.” And the time when a famous band showed up to do some rehearsal shows drunk and on drugs. The manager threw out all of the band beer. As my friend asked, “Hey, you want a bunch of free beer?” “Sure.” Just another day in rock n roll.

Do not forget; the St. Jude Marathon is this weekend.

St. Jude Marathon Memphis

Expect traffic delays! Just sayin’.

See YOU back here for more books, beers and St. Jude Marathon.