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4th day of my 4 day weekend. Let’s eat Memphis!

Last night we launched into “another” Thanksgiving feast. In America, I believe we need to change the Thanksgiving holiday. Why celebrate with food on ONE day, when we can eat big 4 DAYS IN A ROW. (I guess some people already do so if you count left overs.) Let’s make it official; THANKSGIVING; the 4 day “food-pocalypse”! And the holiday should be renamed Thanksgiving #1, Thanksgiving #2, Thanksgiving #3 and Thanksgiving #4.

So here is my attempt at stretching the holiday out a few days. Last night we had “Thanksgiving” again with friends. Here we go. We begin with the cranberries.


Mashed potatoes anyone?


The dish was made from scratch by myself. I turned a basket full of groceries

Grocery Shopping by Bicycle

into fluffy potatoes.

Green beans too.


Turkey. More turkey.


To cap the night off, it was death by strawberry cake from the Miss Muff’n Bakery.

strawberry cake

Okay. I am officially done with Thanksgiving. At least for this year. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and turkey legs. Cheers.