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FOUR DAY WEEKEND! How did that happen?

Thanksgiving day. I slept. And ate. And slept. That was about it. I guess mentally I was trying to push through the three-day work week, and  finish with work on Wednesday evening.

Instead of meeting with friends for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, we headed downtown to Paulette’s.

Paulette's Memphis

(Although the kitchen at the guest house was supposed to be complete by now, several kitchen appliances may or may not have been in working order) No worries. Paulette’s serves up some good food.

Paulette's Thanksgiving Memphis

The three course dinner filled me up.

Paulette's Dessert Pumpkin Crumble

Pumpkin Crumble! Delicious.

Friday I woke early and headed to Coffee Town via my bicycle. Nice day for a ride. My favorite days to ride are those with nowhere to be; no agenda. What music did I listen to during the bike ride? The soundtrack to “Conan” of course. Nothing gets you going like the “Anvil of Crom”.

Conan Soundtrack

At the coffee shop I read the news. I read my book’s. Memphis Public Library has the new Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child book, “Blue Labyrinth“. The book is good. Very good. And since I picked the book up from the Memphis Library, it was FREE.

I also listened to my classic rock music. Today almost feels like Saturday.

After my fill of coffee, news and books, it was lunch time. I headed back west to Hueys. Of course everyone and their mother is also at Hueys. The joint was packed. I took a seat at the bar. Texas Toast Burger please.

Hueys Memphis

Love me the Texas Toast Burger.

You can see my bicycle ride through Overton Square here. Nothing special, just a ride down Madison Avenue in the bike lane.

An easy day after Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? My life. My family. My health. And my bicycle.

Old bicycle art

Enjoy the weekend Memphis. And get out!