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Monday Memphis. “Attack the day like birds of prey”. After two cups of coffee, I was ready to do just that.

Last week, I noticed the fence along the Greenline at the I 40 / 240 construction site was falling over along the pedestrian path. I notified TDOT of the problem last week WITH PHOTOS. No response from TDOT.

Fence TDOT Dement Construction Poor Quality

Today as I arrived at the construction site, the fence was on the ground.

Fence I40 240

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THE TENNESSEE GOVERNMENT TO FIX THEIR OWN FENCE? I emailed Shelby Farms this morning. I contacted Dement Construction Company (the company who is working at the site). I contacted TDOT today, twice. Guess who I heard from? Only Shelby Farms. As far as I can tell, TDOT doesn’t exist. They do not answer phones, emails, tweets; nothing. Apparently TDOT does not care about the safety of Tennessee residents, nor do they care to respond to problems along the Tennessee Highways. Again, how many times does a resident have to complain about a problem to the Tennessee government to get anything changed?

If you do not care about your ugly fences along the Greenline, please take the fences down TDOT. To make matters worse, there is a TDOT station only a 100 yards from that construction site. The problem is in your own back yard and TDOT cannot fix it?

As I was riding home this evening, I did notice that the fence had been mended. Good. But again, why can’t TDOT do ANYTHING without being asked to address the problem over and over. Why does TDOT REFUSE to answer inquiries to problems? TDOT Tennessee DOES NOT CARE.