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Although it is the weekend and I had to work, I felt as though I achieved many things on my “to do” list. Two BIG items on the list? 1) Clean up the computer cords in our computer closet. I found two cords plugged into a power strip that were not attached to anything. And I am pretty sure those cords have been drawing power for a couple of years now. Next I cleaned off the lower shelf and can actually see the computer platform. Amazing.

2) The next item on the list was to clean up that 8-year-old desktop. I have so many junk programs running that the computer will barely operate. I started by defragging the computer and cleaning up registry errors. Next I loaded a software un-installer to take out nearly 70 unused programs. The fight is on to clean up that desktop.

Lastly, I have to upload nearly 8 albums to the desktop (which is where iTunes is located) in order to update my music on my tablet and phone. I have put this task off for months now. I just didn’t want to fight that desktop in order to upload my music.

On top of all that (or in between it all) I went shopping for groceries and did laundry. If you want to know just how you end up spending so much money at the grocery store, you need to read this article from Bon Appetite. You would not believe the length that the groceries stores go to get you to spend more money. Have you ever noticed you shop in the store in a counter-clockwise movement? The store does it to you on purpose. Most people are right-handed. You push the cart with your left hand and pick up items with your right hand. The milk is always in the back left section of the store. The deepest part of the store. And most people need milk. So the store pushes you as far into the store as possible. End of aisles? Those items are priced higher because people tend to pick up something on the end of an aisle so they won’t have to walk all of the way down the aisle. Really great article. And, we stuck to our list today! Reverse psychology!

To end the evening, we went to see the film Interstellar. If you enjoy Chris Nolan movies, this film is for you. If you are a Kubrick fan, this movie is for you. The film was visually stunning and very thought-provoking. People complained that the film is too long and the ending didn’t make sense. But the ending did make sense to me. Go see this movie. Interstellar is well worth the 2 1/2 hours.

Oh yes. I purchased a NEW Motörhead shirt for summer bicycle rides.

Motörhead T-shirt

“The devils grip, the Iron Fist!”

My clothes are packed and ready for Monday. Get ready, because that work day will hit you like a two by four.