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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I spent the last few days riding my bicycle to work.

Shelby Farms Greenline

I will state the ride Thursday was much better than Wednesday. It is getting cold out there! Brrrr.


As I rode by the construction site at 40 and 240, I noticed the fence falling over.

Fence TDOT

Nice work as always.

I rode by Shelby Farms. The new lake expansion is coming along swimmingly.

Shelby Farms Lake Expansion

The photo above as you are looking north from the south west corner of the park.

Speaking of riding my bicycle, I found this article today at bicycle.com about the WORST local bicycle shop reviews posted using Yelp. Just a few classics:

“I hate this place. Hate hate hate it. I wish I didn’t because it’s in a convenient location and I hate the idea of hating a local bike shop. I can’t help it. Just seeing this place fills me with a blinding rage.” – BLINDING RAGE! By the way, that is the latest name of my heavy metal band; BLINDING RAGE.

“Upon entering the shop, the shop owner greeted my friends and I by yelling ‘WHAT THE F–K DO YOU WANT.'” Best customer service ever. EVER.

“They somehow make bikes worse.”  🙂 Awesome. Totally awesome.

Speaking of more bicycles, I decided to do video a comparison of my bicycle lights. The first light was my old light from last year. The second light is the newest; 1200 Lumen. Lights up the night, double time. The reason I purchased the newer light was because I had flatted out a tire in Shelby Farms a few months ago. If you don’t see me at night, you blind. See the video here; http://youtu.be/9qPwUZQOuoY

Done. See YOU out on the Greenline soon. Cheers.