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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

I got out. Friday. Nice temperatures outside right?

memphis low temperature

As I took my bicycle out for the commute to work, I wondered if anyone would be as crazy as I and bicycle in the low temperatures. A minute later I saw another bicyclist riding down the street. Although I think he is fairly new, (I have seen him out in the last month or so) he wasn’t wearing pro gear.

Wait. How did my pro gear handle the cold weather? The shoe covers worked perfectly!


I put my feet into Merino Wool Socks. I slipped in a chemical heating toe warmer into my shoe and the covers kept my toes warm for more than one hour. In the past couple of years, I would end my ride with toes that I couldn’t feel. Problem solved.

I purchased military grade long johns (tops and bottoms) last year. The bottoms worked like a charm as well. (My problem? I couldn’t find the tops!)

Using a wool cap and a balaclava, I was nearly warm enough (except for my arms. Again, no long john top).


Cold outside? Yes. But if you prepare, the cold temperatures will not bother you much.

See YOU back here for more beers, burgers and bikes. Cheers.