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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

As I was riding my bicycle last week, I saw these ominous clouds over Shelby Farms.

evil clouds

Just in time for Halloween.

I also FINALLY received my Bicycling Magazine in the mail.

bicycling magazine

I state “finally” since the post man could not find my address to deliver said magazine. Although the post man never seems to have a problem delivering my bills EVERY DAY to my mail box.

Shoes. I am not a fan. Pretty much any basic style of shoe will do. A few years ago I received a great pair of shoes for my birthday.

affliction shoes

At first sight I asked, “These shoes are dirty! You gave me used shoes?” No. Not the case. Apparently, the shoes come “dirtified”. You have to pay extra for that. Moving on. These shoes became a favorite pair to wear out and about. This creates TWO problems. The favorite set of shoes wears out faster.

affliction shoes bottom

Notice the “shoe-fix-glue” at the heels. A bad attempt at wringing a few more months out of the shoes. Then I discovered the shoes have been discontinued. You can’t buy the shoes anymore. Except one place. Ebay. I am convinced you can find ANYTHING using Ebay. A friend once purchased a car using Ebay. Yesterday my wife accidentally found the same shoes via Ebay. And today she won the shoes at the auction site for me. My guess is that the new shoes will last two years at best. You do what you have to do.

The Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk is coming your way very soon.

Broad Ave Arts District

This Friday night, November 7th, 2014. Go! We attend this event every year. 5-10 p.m. on Broad Avenue.

broad ave mural

We usually park on the west end of the street and make our way down to the east end, then circle back to the pavilion to check out the art work for sale.

easter Island metal rocket

I usually pick up some of the hand crafted soaps at My Heavenly Creations (2577 Broad Ave.) LOVE the products created by this company. Money well spent at this shop.

broad ave soap 2

Be sure to check out the art of Jennifer Lashbrook at West Memorials (near the west end of Broad Avenue). Her work was on display at the River Arts Festival last weekend and the art is fantastic! Lashbrook uses color swatches to create portraits of famous people. I asked the artist last week if she had come across anything like her work. She tours the country and she said there is nothing else like her work. Check out the work of Jennifer Lashbrook at West Memorials ( 2481 Broad Ave), Friday.

We usually wind the night down at Wiseacre brew house on the eastern end of Broad.

wiseacre taproom

Warning. I predict the parking lot at the brewery will be completely FILLED Friday evening. You may want to get there early or take a short walk to the brewery. If you have not stopped in at the brewery, you should. GREAT beer is offered here.

wiseacre ty and maggie

Having a beer with a few friends at the last art walk.

wiseacre friday night

Okay, the laundry is finished, the meat is cooked for the work week, and I am beat. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes, and art!