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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Last week a co-worker told me about demonstrators at the bottom of Shelby Farms, contesting TDOT’s Kirby Parkway project through Shelby Farms.


I stopped by in the afternoon to speak to the demonstrators. These demonstrators believe the state only needs to spend $1 MILLION dollars to correct the traffic problem at Shelby Farms and Farm Road. (Widen the turn lanes, so those motorists turning north / south will not block traffic heading east / west.) You can follow this link for more information about the story.

I also found this helmet along the Greenline at the High Point Terrace cross street.


I always wear a helmet, as should you, so I didn’t need this helmet. On the way back home, the helmet was gone. Maybe someone did get a free helmet by using the Greenline. Bicycle people are great folks.

Since the cold temperatures will soon be upon us, I ordered a few items from Amazon.com to keep me warm during my bike commutes. Arm warmers, leg warmers and foot warmers.


Since it was a bit chilly last week, I tried out the arm and leg warmers at a temperature of 45 degrees. The leg warmers came through with flying colors.


The fit was perfect. The warmers go under shorts. I didn’t have a problem with the warmers falling down. The warmers kept my legs warm, even with the temperature at 45 degrees. I can’t say the same for the arm warmers.


The arm warmers are better suited for temperatures at 50 degrees or higher. Now if I can get the foot warmers to work, I might have a warmer winter commute. I have also purchased a winter cycling jersey. Instead of wearing four layers of clothing, I may get by with only two layers of clothing in the next few months.

Today we headed down to South Main for the River Arts Festival.


We attend this event every year. This year has to be the BEST River Arts event so far. The artists were EXCELLENT.


I was lucky enough to talk to a few of the artists about the work displayed. Although I wanted to buy more art, I only purchased two pieces. First up, a small metal bicycle I can hang on the wall. Love it!


I also picked up this nice KISS art piece by Jennifer Lashbrook (www.jenniferlashbrook.com). The picture is made up of small pieces of tile, that create the full effect. PERFECT, since I worked several KISS shows in the past.


One of the oddest events occurred at the book shop on South Main, Juggler Book Store.

the book juggler memphis

I checked this place out last year, the store had just opened. Used books are available, as well as books about Memphis music. The store is located near the Arcade. While speaking to one of the owners, the other owner approached us and told us about a request for books she had just received. “They wanted to know where the book section for Paranormal-Romance-SOFT PORN was located.” Uhhhh…… You can probably order those books at Amazon.com. Maybe. Not that I even know if that book section even exists or not.

We spent several hours walking up and down the street. Although the day was HOT, we enjoyed ourselves. Perfect day off.

Since it is the weekend, I spent time grilling up some burgers, chicken, sausage and what else… ribs. Love me the slow smoked ribs.

Memphis Ribs

Done. My laundry is finished, my clothes are packed, and the new art is up on the wall. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and art. Cheers.