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Last day in New Orleans.

Did you know that Johnny’s PoBoys (511 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130) serves breakfast? Not only did we pick up breakfast, we also purchased a sandwich to take on the train for lunch.

Johnny Poboys New Orleans

Word to the wise. Right before noon we ordered our sandwich. At 12:00 p.m. there was a line at least 20 deep if not more, to order plates. Don’t wait, get here early.

We also stopped in at Cafe Du Monde. How can we not? Coffee and beignets!

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

cafe du  monde new orleans

While in New Orleans we did see some odd signs. The first sign was posted on a bicycle. I’m not sure if the sign was FOR the owner of the bicycle or written BY the owner of the bicycle.

Cast Call sign New Orleans

I surely thought this brick in our hotel room was a sign.

Secret Behind the Brick New Orleans

This brick was the only one that was colored black. I was positive SOMETHING was hidden behind that brick. Jean Lafitte’s treasure? I don’t know…

You see these “for sale” / “for lease” signs frequently in New Orleans. Either you are sharing the joint with a ghost, or you are not. Hey some people want extra company. And others do not. This property apparently has company that comes with the place.

Haunted Condo New Orleans

This sign on the gallery door was my favorite.

Gallery Sign Hung over abducted by aliens

I am still impressed with the bicycle culture in New Orleans. First up, local motorists get it. They see you on a bicycle and DO NOT attempt to kill you. Even my wife who bikes little did well riding in the Garden District and French Quarter with traffic.

The city also has provided bicycle corrals.

Bicycle Corral New Orleans

The bike racks are placed in the street and blocked off so that only bicycles can park in that section. Great idea New Orleans!

I did see some odd bikes while in the city. Mr. “ZIP TIE’ wanted TO MAKE SURE that the basket did not fall off. #OverKill “You only need ONE MORE zip tie.”


And for you brave cyclists out there, here is an elevated ride.

Elevated Bicycle New Orleans

After we checked out of our hotel, we headed to the casino for one last try at big money. I really didn’t want to go, but my wife insisted. I started with $10. I was down to $3.33 when I put my money into a single line, $.25 machine. After several tries, I didn’t win anything. I was down to nearly my last quarter of gambling for the trip and hit the button ONE LAST TIME. The first symbol that came up was 10X. The next symbol came up 10X. The guy sitting next to me said, “This is going to be good!”. The last symbol came up…. 20X. That would be 10 x 10 x 20 = 2000 quarters. Which equals $500!

Harrahs Winning Slots New Orleans

I told the guy sitting next to me, “I’m done.” I cashed out and found my wife. “That pays for our hotel stay.” Thanks New Orleans for the drinks, food and CASH!

Done. Well almost. I will update our Amtrak train adventure in a future post. See YOU back here for more beers, winning tickets, and bikes. Cheers.