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New Orleans; Day #3.

Tuesday morning. Time for breakfast and a bike ride to the Garden District. One of my favorite coffee shops in New Orleans is Still Perkin’ (2727 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130).

Still Perkin New Orleans

LOVE the coffee at this joint. Although it appeared no one was inside the place, once you open the door, your realize the shop is packed with customers. The line, as usual, is at least 10 deep. The wait is short though. I usually have the big iced coffee.

Even better, there is the Garden District Book Shop right next door.

Garden District Book Shop

Get coffee, then browse books. Two of my most favorite things.

After coffee and books, we headed to the cemetery, which is nearly across the street.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1

Who died? Well, lots of folks. Cemeteries make for good photography. Plus there is history buried in cemeteries. And then there is always a grave or two that are out of sorts. We took a leisurely stroll around the cemetery. Having been to this particular cemetery in the past, we took our time, looking about.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1 2

The vampire escaped! I KNEW IT!

If you want to see what the graves look like on the inside, look below. From a previous tour, we learned that the family lets the body cook (yes cook, from the heat of the sun) inside the grave for “a year and a day”. Once dried out, the body is then broken up and pushed to the back, or bagged up and placed under the main part of the grave, to make room for other family members.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1 3

Next stop? Lunch. Back to the bike rental shop to drop off the bikes and then onward to the French Quarter. I was looking for some good food. The Gumbo Shop has some very tasty dishes (630 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116).

Gumbo Shop New Orleans

I made the mistake in the past and ordered the seafood gumbo. The bowl of seafood gumbo was okay, but the waitress had warned me that the chicken gumbo would be better. She was correct.

Gumbo Shop New Orleans 2

So now every time I am in town I order the chicken gumbo at The Gumbo Shop.

Although we had heard about the legendary “Coops Place” on Decatur, we never tried out the chicken, until this trip. The shop, near Margaritaville, is small. Grab a seat and order up some food.

Coops Chicken New Orleans

I tried the jambalaya. Spicy but good. The chicken was good, not spectacular, but good. Coops Place – 1109 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116.

We also picked up some shirts at the Road Kill shop (903 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116).

Road Kill New Orleans

Bicycle shirt new orleans

A FAVORITE place of mine in New Orleans to shop for that special something. I even tried on the metallic helmet in the shop. For days I had noticed a young woman on her bike, riding down the street, wearing the same helmet. “I can be that cool too.” When I looked in the mirror, my head looked like a silver egg. “This looks terrible!” So no metallic helmet for me. “We do have a black German helmet in stock.” “Pass. I care not for the Nazi helmet.” “Why does everyone call it a Nazi helmet?” “Ummmm…. because…. the soldiers in the German army wore helmets that happened to be Nazi’s.” I did get a free sticker with the store logo for my bicycle. Score.

More gambling and margaritas followed. We waited out the short rain shower then headed to the casino. The gambling did not go well. I lost $40 to the slot machines. Afterwards we softened the loss with a few hurricanes. That’ll fix it.

Eat, drink, gamble. New Orleans has it all. With a half day left in the Big Easy, what could happen next?

See YOU back here for more food, gambling and drinks. Cheers.