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New Orleans day #2. Here we go.

After having some breakfast, we headed over to the Garden District to rent some bicycles. Arts District Bike Rental rents bicycles out for $20 a day (24 hours). You get a bicycle, helmet, chain, tail light and head light. Call ahead to reserve your bicycles. There are several bicycles to choose from. Best bikes in the world? Not really. Enough to get by on? Yes. The woman renting the bikes was nice enough. We took the bus along St. Charles to arrive at the place. Enter through the small gate as pictured below.

arts district bicycle rental

Sign the contract, pay your money and you are off! We made our way over to Juans Flying Burrito on Magazine Street.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans

Enchilada plate please!

Juans Flying Burrito Enchilada plate

Love me the enchiladas at Juans. Plus the joint plays good music as well.

After lunch, we biked on down to the Avenue Bar.

The Avenue BAR New Orleans 2

The Avenue offers some of the best beer on the planet. There are menu’s for beers both upstairs and downstairs. If you are downstairs, you have to order those beers. And if you are upstairs, those are the beers you can buy. Order at the bar. Myself? I ordered up the Blanche de Chambly.

The Avenue Bar New Orleans

Love in a cup. Oink.

Making our way back to the French Quarter, I noticed my front wheel wobbling a bit. Then the bolt holding the wheel on turned up missing. And then the front wheel locked up. As in the wheel stopped rotating. Not much I could do in this situation. It’s not like I carry a spare bolt in my pocket. I called the bike rental place and told them about my situation. I was only 2 blocks away, but had to carry the bike back to the shop. (the front wheel wouldn’t budge) If you have not had the joy of carrying a bicycle for several blocks, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Arriving back at the shop, I picked out a different bicycle and headed out once more.

On to the French Market!

New Orleans French Market

Go check out the French Market!

French Market 2 New Orleans

There are many vendors selling food, art, shirts, ect. One vendor we saw last year was here again this year. This artist is from Mexico and does beautiful work.

New Orleans Art

We purchased several of his prints. Federico Salas is the artist’s name.

Next stop? Sidneys Wine Cellar at 917 Decatur St. One of my favorite places to buy some beers. Did you know you can drink on the street in New Orleans?

Drink on the streets in New Orleans

I picked out 4 different beers and headed back to the hotel.

Beers New Orleans

That apricot beer on the right was actually pretty good.

Later that evening, we had MORE margaritas and more time to gamble. Although I lost $20, I was still up $50 in the casino.

So far, my birthday trip to New Orleans was good. Great food and drinks, plus a bicycle ride. And presents. Don’t forget the presents.

Done. See YOU back here for more New Orleans, drinks and gambling. Cheers.