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New Orleans Jelly Bean. (I type this as I hold a handful of Jelly Bellys in my hand. Not an easy task kids, but someone has to do it.)

City of New Orleans

Memphis to New Orleans via an Amtrak train. I have posted in the past about getting to New Orleans by train. In the near future I will write-up another post about the private rooms on the train and a few new tips about my rail experience.

Day #1. We arrived by train to New Orleans in the afternoon. The first step was to find a taxi outside the train station to take us to the hotel on Decatur Street. $11 later and we were at our hotel in a matter of minutes.

hotel new orleans

Nice LARGE room in the French Quarter. The room was big enough to make it difficult to watch t.v. from the bed. We also had a nice balcony overlooking Decatur Street.

French Market Inn Balcony New Orleans

It took me 16 years to get a balcony this big in New Orleans. 16 years! I sat on the balcony twice while in New Orleans this year.

After putting out luggage away, it was time to hit the Quarter. First up? Felipe’s restaurant on Decatur Street. Our trail is easy to follow. Go to the mexican food place, and order a few margaritas,

Felipe Margarita new Orleans

then head over to the casino to gamble.

felipe bar new orleans

Good drinks to be had at Felipes. (as well as food.)

Next stop? Gambling. I am not much of a gambler. I will play the slots slowly. The point is to walk away WITH money. By the end of the evening, I was up $70. Nice. Time to leave the casino when the leaving is good.

Next joint? Cafe Pontalba on Jackson Square. My favorite dish is the gumbo. I get it every time I am in town.

Gumbo New Orleans Pontalba

The gumbo hit the spot big time. LOVE IT! And yes, I am a HUGE gumbo fan while in New Orleans. Bring the gumbo on!

I did see this ad while in the French Quarter.

IJesus phone repair new orleans

How can this ad be legal to use? HOW? The ad appears to be a rip off of a well-known televised cartoon. Don’t worry, the signs only get better as the days go on in the Big Easy. So after a few (read MANY) drinks, it was time to head back to the hotel. A big day was ahead of us featuring bikes and beignets. And beer. And more drinks.

See YOU back here for more Memphis AND New Orleans. Cheers.