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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some.

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival. So how was it? Excellent as always. Since I didn’t want to wait in line for the festival to begin, I walked over to the beer festival at 1:15, arriving at 1:25. No line, and no wait.

Cooper Young Beer Festival

Some of the stand out beers? First off, Bluff City Brewers brought their “A” game to the event. And I mean “A” game. I have sampled some of the beers in the past, but only thought the beers were okay. This time around, Bluff City Brewers created some really good beers. Two examples were the Breakfast Stout (YOU WANT SOME BEER WITH THAT COFFEE???) and the Mole Beer “English Brown Porter with cocoa, ancho, chipotle, and orange peel.” Nice burn at the end. The Bluff City Brewers did an outstanding job this year with the beers.

Charleville Brewery brought one of my favorite beers of the day, “Kick in the Cranberries”. This would be a sour cranberry beer. I went back for a second beer that day. This was the ONLY beer I went back for another round. LOVE me the sour beers.

Returning again was a very popular brewery, Country Boy Brewery.

Cooper Young Beer Festival Country Boy

Get ready for the Jalapeno Smoked Porter. This keg was emptied quickly. Love the bite at the end of the drink.

I did check out the peanut butter beer at the festival. The aroma was there, but I couldn’t find the peanut butter flavor in the beer. Others of my party said they could taste the peanut butter in the beer. Are my taste buds hard of tasting?

Best marketing ploy? Put a small keg in a back pack and give festival drinkers a free sample while walking through the crowd. BEST IDEA EVER.

Keg in a back pack

Again, The Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival was about talking to other people. Beers you liked, beers you didn’t like. The future of certain local breweries. The only downside of the festival? I was standing in the bathroom line, telling my friends how to toast in Czech. I’m going through the steps and finish up with “Na zdraví”. (To your health.) And that is when the woman behind us stated I was pronouncing the phrase incorrectly. I went on to introduce myself “YMEH-noo-ee seh…” (“My name is…” She understood THAT phrase) and then I proceeded to explain my Czech was a little rusty, it had only been NINE YEARS since I had been to the land of beers and dumplings. Who corrects Czech phrases at a beer festival? The Czech Grammar Police?

Again, great festival. But I had to rest afterwards, because at 7:00 a.m. the next morning, I was headed to New Orleans. (But that trip will be covered in a different post)

I received some stickers in the mail. “I parked in a bike lane” stickers to be exact.

I parked in a bike lane stickers

I wish I had received “I parked a DUMPSTER in a bike lane” stickers. On McLean, someone put a dumpster in the bike lane. Side walk? No. Yard? No. Driveway? No. Bike lane? Yes. I believe I will have to order more stickers.

Done. Beat. New Orleans will win every single time. No rest on that vacation with so much food and drinks and gambling. See YOU back here after I rest up from my vacation. Cheers.