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Weekend Memphis. Get out. A wrap up of last week?

I installed a new wireless printer at home. Hours, hours, and hours to install, but complete. I fixed a broken vacuum cleaner. Take apart, put back together. Ribs?

Memphis Ribs

Yeah I cooked some of those up as well.

Work, work, work, Muddy’s Grindhouse. What???? Yup. Muddy’s has a new shop in Cooper Young, right across the street from Easy Way. (Corner of Vinton and Cooper. 585 S. Cooper, 38104). Wait. Isn’t Otherlands Coffee shop just down the street? Like half a block away? Yes it is. But just as I predicted when I heard Muddy’s was moving into Cooper Young, Muddy’s is going for a different crowd of coffee drinkers. Friday I jumped on my bicycle at 6:45 a.m. and headed over to The Grindhouse. Pulling into the driveway (that is ONE STEEP DRIVEWAY!), I climbed to the top and parked my bicycle outside. (Any way to get a bicycle rack?)

Muddys Memphis Grindhouse

Wow. The joint was bright inside. I was the only person in the place. I walked up to the counter and ordered an iced coffee. As I was purchasing my drink, one of the staff asked about my bicycle. We chatted briefly about bicycles as bike people do. “What is the appropriate number of bicycles to own? Take the number of bicycles you own and add “1” to that number.”

Sitting down, I tried out the iced coffee. Good. A couple of notes. The coffee shop is bright, spacious and clean-looking. There is a nice looking patio outside. I was a bit out of sorts because I couldn’t find a straw for my drink. Bad habit of mine. I enjoy drinking my iced coffee with a straw, but not hot coffee. (What is WRONG with me???) I turned on my tablet but could not find a wifi connection. Ummm… I am used to using wifi while in a coffee shop. (what is wrong with me???) There was a board posted for suggestions for the coffee shop. Someone wrote “Bullet Proof Coffee” on the board. Ummm…. what? Never heard of it. Would that be like “Kevlar Coffee”? Just asking.

As I suspected, the crowd of neighborhood locals began to stroll in at 7:15 a.m. And just as I predicted, the crowd was that 30-45 age group, Cooper Young residents, white-collar workers, heading out to work. Muddy’s Grindhouse will do VERY, VERY well at this location. Over all the place is good. I would recommend Muddy’s Grindhouse.

Sunday. Waking early, it was time for coffee. And eggs and in basket.

Eggs in a basket

We finished our breakfast, then readied ourselves for the Bacon and Beer Festival at Minglewood Hall.

Bacon and Beer Festival Memphis 2014 shirt

This should be interesting. Anything with the word “bacon” in it, should be good. Here we go.

I wore my Maiden shirt today.


As I was standing in the festival, a teenager pointed to me and whispered to his mother, “That is a good album”. There is hope for the youth.

I recognized several people in the crowd as “beer” people, or locals who attended many events as I did. And I wasn’t the only person wearing classic rock t-shirts. Must be that “old folks” mentality.

The Schweinhaus had a booth at the festival as well.


So how about that bacon? Well there was bacon everything. Bacon desserts. Bacon wrapped hot dogs. Ice cream and bacon. Or you could just get bacon. Burgers were also available as well as hot dogs.

Beer and bacon festival memphis cooking burgers

One of the best dishes was the FRIED hot dog, stuffed with jalapenos, wrapped with bacon.

Bacon wrapped jalapeño stuffed hot dog memphis bacon beer festival

Evil. Evil I tell you. Who would do this? This guy below would.



I talked with him awhile about the dogs and cooking in general.

Don’t forget the bacon desserts.

More bacon dessert memphis bacon beer festival






Water chestnuts, wrapped in bacon and covered with cinnamon sugar. Wow.

And ice cream with bacon sauce.


We ate the bacon as the band played a good deal of classic rock.

Beer and bacon festival memphis

Good stuff. We had an enjoyable time at the Bacon and Beer Festival.

Speaking of festivals, the Cooper Young Regional Beer Fest is sold out. Those tickets went fast. I got mine. Get ready for beer Memphis because here it comes.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1

Current book I am reading? “Lone Survivor”. Great movie and the book is even better. Love it.

Ribs? Those are going on the grill in one hour, along with the burgers. Am I the only person who purchased a wifi extender so I can play classic rock outside on the patio as I grill? (what is wrong with me?)

See YOU back here for more bacon, bacon and bacon. Oink.