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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Here we go…

Bike ride to work yesterday was great. Here is a view of my commute.

Memphis Greenline

Beautiful day for a ride.

For a long while, I have wanted to check out Gardener Rd. The small road runs south and east of the Shelby County Detention Center.

Greenline Gardner Rd Shelby Farms 2

Better yet, Gardener Road empties out into the NEW entrance to Shelby Farms. Perfect! I timed myself this morning using Gardener Road. My trip down the road clocked in at 8 minutes without riding hard. There are a couple of places the road is spotty. The street has been paved over in spots numerous times, but this new route works for me.

The intersection at Walnut Grove Road and Farm Road has a new traffic camera installed.

Photo enforced

Do you believe this will slow traffic down and stop red light runners? Not a chance. Motorists were flying through the intersection today; running red lights. The only thing that will slow motorists down are additional lights on Walnut Grove Road.

You can see my total route using the Greenline to take me to work.

memphis greenline map 2

Every day. Once I get to the Greenline, the ride is smooth sailing.

Oh yes. We purchased some art at the Cooper Young Festival. Cornman is the artist.

Cornman art Cooper Young

The art makes our dining room brighter.

Get ready for Memphis events.

Saturday is Tour De Coop. I signed up, for the long ride.

Tour De Coop Memphis

Now I just have to roll out of bed at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Best Memphis Burger Festival is this Sunday. I hope the rain stays away. Here are a few photo’s from last years event.

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

best memphis burger festival

Wiseacre Oktoberfest September 27th 11-6.

wiseacre taproom

wiseacre ty and maggie

Wiseacre knows how to throw a party, THAT’S FOR SURE. And I expect the joint to be packed.

High Cotton Oktoberfest Oct 4th 12-7.

Yes, I have been to the brewery. I may or may not attend this event. I am sure the occasion will be great. And yes, High Cotton produces some GREAT beer.

High Cotton Brewery Patio

High Cotton Brewery Memphis 2

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival Saturday October 11th.

Been there, done that, over and over. Easily the BEST beer fest in town, for a very different reason than you think. This festival is about the people who attend. Everyone ends up talking with everyone else. Not so much of a drunkfest, more of a “hanging in the neighborhood, talking with some cool people” kinda event. Love it!

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1


Lastly, there is a website YOU should see. MemphisCyclist.com. I haven’t had time to look the site over properly, but I did add the site to my favorites.

Done. So many events in Memphis, so little time. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and the Greenline.