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And that was the weekend Memphis… What a weekend.

Although I wasn’t going to take the bicycle to work Friday, in the end I did. You want high water in Memphis? You got it.

Wolf River Memphis Flood

For you red light runners out there, I also noticed that traffic cameras are going up at the intersection of Walnut Grove Rd. and Farm Rd. Will the cameras help decrease traffic accidents? Some. The better option would have been to place traffic lights east and west of the intersection on Walnut Grove Rd. to slow traffic. Yes, SLOW traffic on Walnut Grove Rd. If you cannot go the speed limits and cannot obey traffic laws, then slow the traffic down with red lights. That will take care of the car accident problem at the bottom of Shelby Farms.

Busy day Saturday. I worked from 8-1. Then it was off to Cooper Young Festival 2014.

Cooper Young Festival 2014 photos

Cooper Young Festival 2014 Cupcake

Cupcake? Yes. Along with pizza and egg rolls.

Along the way, I saw “the short bus”.

Short Bus Car Memphis

You see it all, especially in Cooper Young.

Save the coliseum Memphis

People still want to save the coliseum? DO you realize how OLD the thing is? Saving old building is good. But how up to date is the building? And you have to think about what the building would be used for. The internal technology for sound and light is ancient now for the building. Who would use it?

After seeing many people we knew, it was time to head home to change for the Journey concert downtown at Mud Island. The weather was perfect for a show. We had drinks and dinner at Tugs and then walked over to the show. Thousands of 40 somethings were packed into the venue.

Journey Memphis 2014

Journey Memphis 2014 (2)

A couple of 40 something year olds enjoying the show. Don’t stop believin’.

Journey Setlist 2014

As you can see from setlist.com, Journey played the classics. Neil Schon clearly showed who the leader of the band was. Even though the band is considered “classic rock”, they didn’t show their age. Journey rocked Memphis and a bunch of “older” fans.

My only issue for Saturday? Work plus Cooper Young Festival, plus a concert makes for one busy day. Tired. Me. Out.

Done. See YOU back here for more festivals, concerts and red light runners.


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