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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

More events for Memphis? Okay. How about Tour de Coop?

Tour De Coop Memphis

“The Memphis Tour De Coop is a guided and self-guided bicycle tour of urban chicken coops, gardens, and beehives benefiting GrowMemphis. We will also include a Tour De Coop map with the stop locations for any person who registers and would like to walk or otherwise participate in the tour.

The 2014 event will showcase urban chickens, gardens, and beehives in new innovative ways to inspire the Yard to Table approach of creating healthy, fresh, and sustainable local food production back into our yards, homes, lives, and community.

Registration Fee: Suggested donation of $10.00 per person to benefit the work of GrowMemphis. Registration will be available August 3rd – September 17th.

Tour Location: South Memphis, Midtown, and Binghampton Neighborhood

Mini Tour: Approximately 2 miles round trip

Short ride : Approximately 10 -11 miles round trip

Long ride: Approximately 15 miles round trip

For more information please see the link below.
http://growmemphis.org/tour-de-coop/ ”

I heard about this event last year. The details sound very interesting. Tour the neighborhood and see how people are growing veggies, raising chickens, and keeping bee’s on their property. Plus the bike ride would give me a chance to take a picture or two.

Saturday September 20th 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Suggested donation is $10. Go!

Speaking of bicycles; The Greenline is getting longer.

“For the west end of the trail, Memphis officials have received a $375,000 grant to fund the design of a bicycle-pedestrian bridge over the CN railroad near the Poplar viaduct. The span would open the way for an approximately half-mile westward extension of the Greenline from Tillman to Flicker, just north of Tobey Park and the Fairgrounds.”

FANTASTIC news! Do you know how many times I am stopped by a train on a weekly basis?

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

I find this news particularly interesting because last Monday I took my bike out for a ride near the skate park. Because of a train, I had to wait with 6 other cyclists. SIX! There was a group of 3 cyclists, a single, 2 others and myself. And we were at least a mile from the Greenline. The new Greenline extension will give better access to the Greenline from Midtown. Can’t wait. Read the story here.

More bikes? I ordered some spoke lights, and an ankle light for my soon to be night rides next week. I also ordered up some new tires. Bigger, thicker tires. Instead of cutting through Shelby Farms at night, I plan to use the roads on the western side of the park. And I expect these roads (trails) will have lots of gravel. The tire reviews are good, so instead of using a different bike to get to work, I can use the same, just slightly wider, tougher tires.

Stamps. I find it amusing that you have to be DEAD in the United States in order to be on a stamp. Rush is on a stamp in Canada. Rush isn’t dead. Ummm….. we need to change that rule. And put some classics Americans on American Stamps. Just sayin’.

Janis Joplin Stamp

“Take another little piece of my heart now, baby.” Time to get THAT song on my music list.

Are we cool?

Ray Ban Classic

Ray Bans. Happy Birthday to me, and it is not my birthday yet. This would be set number three? I had some when I was 18. Lost. Those lasted a couple of months. The next set, I purchased in New Orleans in 2003? I forgot my glasses and purchased a pair on the street after a long night out and needed some shades. Those lasted a few months. I was working a show with the glasses hanging from my pants pocket. I was leaning over a concrete table when I noticed my glasses were completely scratched up from the concrete. Great. Those glasses were toast. So from then on, I have purchased the $5 cheap knock offs. Why? Because I ABUSE THE CRAP OUT OF MY GLASSES. Especially when riding my bicycle.

Done. Remember; “Don’t stop, believing.”

Journey Band

Saturday night. Go!

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, chickens, and Memphis events. Cheers.