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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Me? Busy, busy, busy. A few bike rides during the day, and a ride at night. Bored in Memphis? Not for long. There are MANY events coming up soon.

I took the bicycle to work several days last week, using the Greenline to get to work and back. I forgot about the sun setting sooner lately, and then it turned into a “night ride”. I was prepared though. I have a bike light, lights for the frame of my bicycle and tail lights, so I am pretty well covered.

(The above photo was an older bike with the frame lights, so you get the picture. Pun intended). I also have a light on the back of my helmet. I have discovered lights that you attach to your ankles, making the rider more visible to motorists at night. I must look into these.

I also noticed new graffiti along the Greenline.

Memphis Greenline Graffiti

Nice. Good work idiot. You take a can of spray paint to promote your local business. Someone inform Microsoft, Google and Coke that they are doing it all wrong. Why invest millions into advertising a company website, when the only thing you need is a can of spray paint. Idiots.

The rides I did last week were hot. I came in Friday evening with a soaked shirt, shorts and helmet. But the temperature is about to turn cooler. Thankfully. Here come the 70’s! Long. Sleeve. Shirts.

I started this morning with “eggs in a basket” at Republic Coffee.

Republic Coffee Eggs in a Basket

So what’s up with eggs in a basket? An egg is baked into the toast. Awesome! The story behind the new-ish dish at the coffee shop (and this is what I was told) was that there was too much bread ordered and they needed a way to get rid of the slices, so the shop listed “eggs in a basket” as a special. Pretty smart. Now I am addicted to eggs in a basket. Love it!

Yes, I am reading MORE library books. LOVE the Memphis Library.

My new library card

And I never have to stop in to check a book out or return a book. All of the books I read are the digital version of the books. Best thing ever. Ever.

Events in Memphis? Get ready.

Cooper Young Festival September 13th all day. I will work in the morning, then head over to the festival in the afternoon.

Cooper Young Festival

Food, drinks and lots of people. Go!

Journey, Mud Island September, 13th 8:00 p.m.

“Don’t stop, believin’.” Although the original singer is no longer with the band, Journey will play the hits you grew up with in the 80’s. I will be there, singing along with everyone else in my age group.

Journey Band

Wait do you need beer Memphis?

gordon biersch wheat beer

Here it comes.

Wiseacre Oktoberfest September 27th 11-6.

wiseacre taproom

wiseacre ty and maggie

Wiseacre knows how to throw a party, THAT’S FOR SURE. And I expect the joint to be packed.

High Cotton Oktoberfest Oct 4th 12-7.

Yes, I have been to the brewery. I may or may not attend this event. I am sure the occasion will be great. And yes, High Cotton produces some GREAT beer.

High Cotton Brewery Patio

High Cotton Brewery Memphis 2

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival Saturday October 11th.

Been there, done that, over and over. Easily the BEST beer fest in town, for a very different reason than you think. This festival is about the people who attend. Everyone ends up talking with everyone else. Not so much of a drunkfest, more of a “hanging in the neighborhood, talking with some cool people” kinda event. Love it!

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1


Hope you are thirsty Memphis, because it appears week after week, Memphis will become beer central shortly.

Ribs are waiting patiently in the fridge for the grill. They should turn out something like this:

memphis ribs

Why ribs? Just leave them on the grill for 3 hours and they are done. Nothing to it. I use Central BBQ rib rub and jalapeños for some extra kick.

Done. Got to get the fire started. See YOU back here for more books, ribs, and BEER. Cheers.

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