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Holiday weekend Memphis. THREE days of things to do. Let us begin.

My wife is out-of-town for a couple of days, so of course I went to the store for supplies.

beer ribs and bacon

The grocery list I compiled is made up of beer, chips, doughnut holes, bacon and ribs. Oh and a couple of movies. That should do it.

Last night we stopped in at Strano! in Cooper Young. How was it? Very, very good. You like salad?

Strano Memphis Salad

The salad is as good as the photo looks. Delicious. Really. I LOVE a good salad and Strano delivers. We shared a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

Strano Memphis Spaghetti and meatballs

Again, the dish was very good as well. The sauce, pasta and meat were flavored perfectly. And if you are thirsty, have Trevor make a drink for you at the bar. He knows his drinks.

tennessee water strano memphis

margarita strano memphis

The bar also serves local beers as well.

strano memphis beers

The service was also very good. If you have yet to try out Strano, you are missing some great food. The restaurant is located at the corner of Cooper and Young. Go!

The rain today kept me from my bicycle ride. But if the streets dry out tomorrow, I will jump on the bicycle and have a go.

Need a GOOD book to read? If you like mysteries, computers, & A.I., you will enjoy “The Kraken Project” by Douglas Preston. EXCELLENT book. And better yet, the book is on loan from the Memphis Public Library. I have a digital version of the book. Ironic since the book deals with computers and the digital world.

Oh look, hell has moved into my work place for a week.

Fair Memphis

This is what my work week will consist of Tuesday – Saturday. Security – “Stop. Where are you going?” Me – (sigh) “To work.” Every. Single. Day….

It’s good to know your barista. I walked into Coffee Town today, knowing that the best barista had already ended her shift. I was surprised that she was still working when I arrived. Although she was finishing up, she saw me and poured my coffee without even asking what I wanted. No waiting, no fuss. That is what I call great service.

Love in a cup.

On the menu this evening? Beer, movies and maybe Cooper Young. See YOU back here for more coffee, beers, and books. Cheers.