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As promised, photo’s from the Midnight Classic Bicycle Ride 2014.

Midnight classic bike ride 2014 3

midnight classic bike ride 2014 2

Midnight classic bike ride 2014


midnight classic bike ride 2014 4

Waiting (for the ride to begin) is the hardest part. The starting gate is wayyyyy up there.

After the ride, I replenished fluids lost with alcohol. Not the smartest idea in the world.

angry balls

Angry Balls. I accidentally got the “balls” in front of the “angry” in the photo. Ooops.

And… Angry Orchard also has a cinnamon product out now.

angry orchard cinnamon

I tried the new beverage out. The flavor was okay. Not my favorite. There appeared to be an odd after taste each time I took a drink. My wife also commented on the after taste.

I’m not sure if I have posted this photo in the past, but this is the new Shelby Farms bicycle trail.

Shelby Farms Bike Lane

And here is what Patriot Lake looks like now. Not much water left.

Shelby Farms Patriot Lake construction

So I tried out my new bicycle tire with the “old” bike tire liner. How was it? The tire made me put more effort into my ride slightly. I was worried about my speed this morning, so I kept a close eye on the time. I actually made it to the top of Shelby Farms 4 minutes faster this morning. Although heading back in the opposite direction this afternoon seemed to feel more difficult.

As I was heading to work this morning, I decided on a cup of coffee at Coffee Town. I haven’t been to the coffee shop in weeks. Work, work, work. Well work be damned this morning. Work can wait. I stopped in, read the news and had my coffee. It’s the little things in life.

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

Done. See YOU back here for more coffee, bike rides, and alcohol. Cheers.