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Post #1000 Memphis. Let the party begin. Really, has it been 1000 posts? It only feels like a mere 960 posts.

Since I took the day off for a 4 day weekend, I attempted to make the most of it. The day started with a visit to the doctor’s office for a checkup. “You are disgustingly healthy”, he said. Well better than the opposite I guess.

Next on the list? Lunch. How about some Central BBQ Nacho’s.

Central BBQ Nachos

Can’t go wrong.

Next on the list of things to do? A bike ride to Shelby Farms. I want to check out the new bicycle trail around the expanded Patriot Lake. It was hot outside. HOT. As I approached the I-40 and 240 interchange, I see that the construction project is stillllllll….. on going.

40 240 construction Greenline

When will the “progress” end? I appears to be a big mess to me.

Onward, to Shelby Farms. I rolled through the park, getting closer and closer to Patriot Lake.

Shelby Farms Park

Can you imagine commuting through this park (TWICE!) daily? Beautiful. And the state wants to put a highway through it. Makes you wonder.

I finally reached the northern part of Gate 1.

Shelby Farms Gate 1 closed

The above photo is looking SOUTH at the very low Patriot Lake. From here you have to turn right (west). But… use the bike lane on the southern edge of the drive around the lake. At first it was very confusing. The lanes for motorists and bicycles have yet to be added. None of us knew where we were going. (Hint. Paint the lanes BEFORE you open the road and bike lane to park visitors.)

Shelby Farms Bike Lane

I guess the BLACK stripe is supposed to mean “bike lane”. I’m kidding, slightly. If you are going to paint a bike lane, paint it PRIOR to opening the road around the lake. And there was only ONE bicycle lane symbol painted when I rolled through. No, that is not a “small car lane”, it’s a bike lane.

Shelby Farms Patriot Lake Expansion

The lane meanders along the park on the western side. Some grass is already growing on the new hillsides.

Shelby Farms Bike Lane 3

The above photo was taken near the NEW park gate. The path circles around back east again.

If you are heading from Germantown TO Shelby Farms, you will find this sign below next to the old park entrance.

Shelby Farms Bike Lane 2

The above photo looks to the north, cutting off access to the older, eastern section of Patriot Lake. The new section of the bike path is nice. More signs are needed at the center of the park though to point out the bike lane. As one cyclist commented as I was riding the path back, “They sure messed this up”. And motorists were travelling well over 20 m.p.h (posted speed limit) on the new road circling the lake. Maybe the sheriff’s department can take care of that.

Good day to be off from work. And I have 3 more days off in a row to enjoy.

See YOU back here for more bikes, bbq and 1000 posts. Cheers.