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11 weeks of our summer program at work has come to an end. 55 days of hard work is now complete. Lately I have worked weekends and evenings. But this week I will have a 3.5 day weekend, which is very much-needed.

Mid-morning we headed over to Second Line for brunch. Arriving 15 minutes to 11:00 a.m., our first thoughts were “we have gotten here to soon”. Doors open up at 11:00 a.m., but there was already a line of a dozen people waiting to get in. The staff member at the door joked that people would soon be camping out over night just to get in the door Sunday morning.

This would be my FIRST visit to Second Line, but not my last. After looking over the menu, I decided on the chicken gumbo, with cornbread PLUS a side of red beans and rice.

Second Line Memphis

So how was the brunch? I was not a fan of the corn bread. The flavor of the dish was overwhelmed with “butter”? The chicken gumbo? Good. I am a big fan of gumbo. Nice flavor, although our friend said she thought the gumbo was thinner this time around (the gumbo was thicker in the past). The red beans and rice? ORDER THIS! Delicious! Overall the service was very good as well as the food. I’m sure we will return in the future.

Like ribs? These are the ribs I cooked on the grill last week.

Memphis Ribs

And yes, these ribs turned out great. I used Corky’s rub on the ribs, plus crushed red peppers and crushed jalapeno. Heat to go with the meat.

Lastly, I discovered some old photo’s from the 80’s.

High School 1980's

Funny thing is, all of the these guys are friends of mine via Facebook. Guy on the far left is an accountant. Next up is myself (second from left). When I turn my head sideways and point to the camera, that’s when things get out of hand. The fourth guy from the left is in a band that tours the world. The guy second from the right became a drill instructor in the army. And the guy on the far right is an IT administrator. None of us knew what we would become. Nearly 30 years later, we still remain in contact. Yes the 80’s were a fun time.

Maybe I can get in a bike ride this week. Maybe. Cross my fingers 🙂

See YOU back here for more Memphis restaurants, the 80’s and Memphis bbq. Cheers.