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And… I’m back. A very busy work week, combined with family in town, left me with little time to post items. After 52+ hours of working… I’m exhausted. The plan for today? Do nothing.

I have posted about Strano in Cooper Young in the past. Good restaurant at the corner of Cooper and Young. And… they have happy hour prices from 5 -7. My former barista Trevor is now bartending at the joint. He makes some very good drinks. We walked in and sat at the bar. First up? A margarita.

margarita strano memphis

Good drink for a hot afternoon. Beer on your mind?

strano memphis beers

Strano serves local and regional beers. Need some High Cotton? They have it. Strano also serves Wiseacre and Memphis Made beer. I wanted a Saison by High Cotton, but the bar was out of that particular beer. I ordered the Yazoo Hefe instead. Very good beer.

How about another drink? Tennessee Water was next on the list.

tennessee water strano memphis

Beautiful! The drink is made from watermelon. Try one. You will like it.

Next up? Mojito.


Delicious. ORDER THIS. Really.

If you like fresh herbs used in mixed drinks, these herbs are grown at the restaurant itself. Can’t get fresher than that. We also ordered something to snack on while having a few drinks. Goat cheese and bread.

strano memphis

For the record, I am not a fan of goat cheese (or any other kind of cheese). This plate was good. Last week we tried the pizza at Strano. The pizza was good too.

In an attempt to make better coffee (instead of pre-ground coffee), I purchased a coffee grinder AND a French press.

French Press

How do I make FRESH coffee? The process took some experimentation. The first attempt was a failure. The beans were not ground up enough. (The beans are meant to be ground “course” whatever that means.) My second attempt was much better. I ground more beans slightly finer and added more near boiling water. The concoction was left steeping for 4 minutes. The second attempt made a much better coffee.


Now I need to find the perfect bean.

Books. Not enough time to read lately. I need a good book that is an easy read. A new book comes out next week that should fit the bill. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are back with a new novel. “The Lost Island” PREVIEW is available for free at Amazon.com. After reading the preview, I know I will buy the book. Can’t wait. I have yet to read the first two books in the series; I may have to go back and explore those. (I’m not one to read a series of books in order. I like the challenge of reading the books out of order.)

That 80’s band Journey is coming to Memphis soon. If you like the hits, check out this show. Total “sing-along” festival. I remember working a Journey show many years ago. Back then it was a “sing out loud” show. If you grew up in the 80’s, you know all of the words to all of the hits. I checked out setlist.com and the show consists of one hit after another. I’m in. Mud Island, Saturday 9/13/2014, 8:00 p.m.

Journey Band

Done. I’m beat. My bike ride to coffee shop? Done. Laundry? Done. BBQ Ribs? Working on it. See YOU back here for more books, bikes, classic rock and drinks. Cheers.