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Manic Monday Memphis. Once again, Monday has bested me. But wait. What about the weekend?

Took my bicycle out for a ride to Coffee Town Saturday morning. Coffee, classic rock and my bicycle. Best things in the world.

After my coffee and eggs, I rolled back towards Cooper Young. Where do I go for lunch at? How about Hueys? I rolled west, down Central Ave. As I was riding by Central BBQ, I noticed a bit of construction going on in the parking lot.

Central BBQ

The joint is still open and you can eat there, but a large trench has been dug up. Not sure exactly what is happening at Central BBQ. Could they be expanding the lake? Heart of the “pork”?   😉

I took the photo and continued on to Hueys. Texas Toast Burger. Extra jalapeños. Spicy. Good.

Hueys Texas Toast Burger

Hueys has some of the best service in town. Hands down. Love me the Texas Toast Burger. Thanks Hueys.

Saturday evening we headed over to Cafe Eclectic (N. McLean location). We have been here in the past. I ordered up the grilled cheese sandwich with a side of hash browns.

Eclectic Cafe Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My wife ordered the burger and fries.

Eclectic Cafe Hamburger

We topped the dinner off with an ice cream sundae.

Eclectic Cafe Sundae

What did I think of the meal? The grilled cheese sandwich was okay at best. The hash browns were EXCELLENT. Best part of the plate. The burger had very little taste to it. The sundae? Very good. If it is seven o’clock and your restaurant has few people inside, there may be a problem. Just sayin’.

Sunday. After a visit to Home Depot (more plants for my flower bed), we met up with a friend at Young Avenue Deli. “You’re not afraid someone will stab / shoot / kill you for your bicycle?” Ummm…. no. She used to live in Midtown! That’s what you get for living in the “bubble” for so many years. Go outside the gated community! Again, another miss at Young Avenue Deli. The chicken salad sandwich was off. The grilled cheese sandwich was cold. My burger was okay at best. Got to try harder Memphis. Maybe the Best Memphis Burger Festival will change the way people cook at local restaurants. We stopped by the event last year. Good stuff.

Best Memphis Burger Festival 2013

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

Good food, music and the money goes to a good cause. Make plans now.

Which brings us to Monday. I began my bicycle ride at 6:45 a.m. Wayyyyy to early to be awake. For anything. Especially on a Monday. I put the pedal “s” to the metal (?) and moved a bit faster this morning. Fast enough that I took 5 minutes off my morning commute. What I was looking for was the Shelby Farms Park front gate. It was supposed to be closed for good (the NEW entrance is .25 miles further north on Farm Road). The gate was open this morning and this evening as well. Weird.

By the end of the work day, my mind was numb (“dumb?”). Much more difficult for me to exercise after a mentally challenging day. I took my time during the ride home. I didn’t race anyone along the Greenline. I didn’t set any records. My brain had been abused pretty good today. Since it is late Monday evening, time for a “drank” or two.

See YOU back here for more bikes, parks and Memphis meals. Cheers.