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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.

gordon biersch wheat beer

The temperature was cool this morning, and the weather made for a nice ride. I must have been in a good mood, I took 5 minutes off of my ride this morning.

Riding my bicycle through Shelby Farms… Construction. I received an email last night from the park. The main gate at Farm Rd. and Walnut Grove Rd. will permanently close beginning Monday. The NEW entrance will be located a quarter-mile north. (Last night there wasn’t a map associated with the new gate. Checking tonight, the park has provided a nice map regarding the new gate.) Read more about the new gate at Shelby Farms here. My only question is if I the pedestrian / bike path will remain open from the top of the hill at Shelby Farms, to Walnut Grove Road and Farm Road. Guess I will find out soon enough.

More construction. If you want to see the lake at Shelby Farms, you had better hurry to see it.

Shelby Farms Construction Lake drain 2

That water is fading fast.

Shelby Farms Construction Lake Drain

The above photo looks like The Mayors Lake from last year. But the Mayors Lake is full compared to this small lake near the visitors center.

Speaking of Shelby Farms, as I was biking home this evening I ran into another cyclist waiting for the light to turn green. He asked me, “Do you work around here?” Me – “Uh yeah.” Him “We did a bicycle ride last year together.” Wow. He remembered me. I just looked it up. That ride was May 15, 2013. Although my bicycle hasn’t changed, he upgraded to a better bike and pro gear. We talked for a short while about riding. He was on his way to downtown (!) from Shelby Farms. And he left me in the dust. See you next year… if I can keep up.

Oh yeah, back to this evenings ride. Rain. There was mainly drizzle falling on me on my ride home. No worries, but I am getting very tired of weather.com stating “ZERO” chance of rain. I checked the weather map at 4:30 p.m. today. There was a HUGE rain cloud to the west of Memphis. Are you kidding me??? Weather.com can’t see this ginormous rain cloud? Who is running the website? Or do they just make weather predictions up? Luckily for me, rain didn’t pour down on me during the ride home.

Lastly, I ordered a blue tooth speaker for my shower. Had to have it. Gotta listen to music while getting ready to ride in the morning. Yes the device works and it was only $15, or about that.

Sound Shower Speaker

The device charges from your computer and the battery is supposed to last 8 hours. Fine by me. I just hit the classic rock button on any one of my devices at home. (I can’t keep track of all of my devices.) I won’t spend money on many things, but I will spend money on music (classic rock) and gadgets. Gotta have gadgets.

Get ready for a post in the near future about my latest acquisition.

Done. My “perdiction” is a few drinks, then bed. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and classic rock. Cheers.