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The weekend continues Memphis!

Bike ride to coffee-house? Check.

Laundry done? Check.

Ribs on the grill? Yes, yes, yes.

memphis ribs

I am trying something slightly different this time. Pig on pig. That is correct, bacon on ribs. This should be very interesting.

Earlier today we stopped in at Soul Fish for some lunch. Again I ordered the two piece catfish plate, with fries, hush puppies, and mashed potatoes.

Soul Fish Memphis 2

That plate was good. My wife ordered the chicken salad.

Soul Fish Memphis

Very good as well.

We also stopped by a couple of Little Free Libraries.

Little Free Library Memphis TN

Not to take books out, but to put books and magazines in them. If you are in Cooper Young, there are more books in there. Go get ’em.

Done. Time for a small bit of television, finish up the ribs and maybe a drink or two. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and ribs. Cheers 🙂