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Weekend Memphis. Or should I say “holiday weekend” Memphis? I was asked at work what would I be doing this weekend. “Nothing. I am planning on doing nothing.” Work is grinding me down. I need a three-day weekend.

Thursday night was “Angry Balls” night. Good stuff.

angry balls

By the way, Busters Liquor Store made a big change when it came to the new liquor store laws that took effect 7/1/14. Now you can purchase low gravity beers in Busters, along with mixers, wine bottle openers, ect. (the store sold wine, but the state of TN would not let citizens purchase wine bottle openers??? Why does the state insist on torturing citizens. It’s a liquor store! Mixers??? Ice??? People use these items with wine and liquor. It’s like selling nails and screws, but not hammers or screw drivers. State laws make no sense!) I picked up some Angry Orchard (since I can buy low gravity beer in the liquor store now!) and Fireball to make “Angry Balls”. (one pint cider, one shot Fireball)

I spent Friday changing ANOTHER tire flat on the bicycle. What; three flats in three weeks now? Something is not right. To make matters worse, I broke my seat post pump Thursday evening while fixing a flat. The pump lasted me for three years. Good little thing too. I even took the pump apart to fix the problem, a gasket had slipped off. After putting the pump back together, the gasket slipped off again. Time to buy a new pump.

Then it was off to a pool party in Midtown. We ate chips, dips and burgers till we were stuffed. STUFFED!

fourth of july party 2014

The party was nice and relaxing though.

Saturday morning started with a bicycle ride to Republic Coffee. I took a chance; I didn’t take an air pump. Here we go. The ride was uneventful. Had me some coffee and “eggs in a basket” which made my morning.

eggs in a basket republic coffee memphis

Next stop? Outdoors Inc on Union. I need a new bicycle air pump. When I walked in, an employee recognized me from my rides at Shelby Farms. We chatted some about our bikes and the miles we put on the bikes. I then picked out a $15 air pump.

The next decision was what to do now. How about High Cotton Brewery? I climbed up to Madison, then headed west in the bike lane. After Cleveland, the lane ends. I’m on my own. But then I saw a family of four biking on the side of the road ahead of me. I passed dad and the trailer. I put myself behind mom and the daughter and let them lead the ride. After a short time, I turned south and wound up at Sun Studios. There were so many people outside, a police car was parked in front to direct traffic. After moving through that crowd, I headed on over to High Cotton Brewery.

High Cotton Brewery Memphis 2

Very nice set up. Few people were in the brewery so early in the day.

High Cotton Brewery Memphis

I parked my bicycle outside and ordered a hefeweizen at the bar. Then I took a seat at a table and enjoyed that beer. The High Cotton Hefeweizen is an easy drinker on warm summer days. The High Cotton Saison is also a very solid beer. Try one, or both. I like the outdoor area at High Cotton, except it was already warm outside.

High Cotton Brewery Patio

Closer to the fall, the patio will be an excellent place to sit and drink a beer.

Beer glass empty, I headed back to Cooper Young. Again I took Madison east. (I have toyed with the idea of taking a bus back east down Union with the bicycle. Just an idea. I could probably drink more beer and have a safe ride home.)

Before I went home, I stopped off at First Congo Church to check out the new “bicycle corral” in Cooper Young.

Cooper Young Bicycle Corral

The corral takes up one car parking spot but can hold 10 bicycles. Easy. Overton Square would make a great spot for one of these. (Although there is a bike rack in the Overton Square garage.)

Overton Square Parking Garage Bicyle Rack

And yes, there is a bicycle rack by Boscos. Yet you still see bicycles tied up at The Bayou entryway. And yes, there is also a rack by Studio On The Square.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and coffee. Cheers 🙂