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Monday Memphis. What a day.

I started out on my bicycle ride to work early. And the morning was so humid. Wow.

As I biked closer to the I 40 / 240 construction zone, I wondered what the construction site would look like with all of that rain we recently received. Well the soil washed onto the trail in the construction area.

Memphis Greenline Construction

Thank you TDOT for bringing in all of the mud to the trail. We appreciate it.

Next up was the Wolf River passing under the bridge.

Wolf River Memphis Flood

That river is high! And wide as well. “Water, water everywhere…”

By the time I stopped in at work, my shirt was completely wet.

Work, work, work.

To finish the day, my wife picked up some salad from Newks.

Newks Salad

The best part of the salad? Jalapeños! I love the heat. The salad was demolished in a matter of minutes. Delicious!

And the buying continues. I ordered a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB media player. Why? I am tired of using an iPhone to play music. I can’t keep adding music (my 8GB is full) and I can’t keep buying more and more memory (read BUY NEW iPhone). The SanDisk has 8 gigs of memory AND you can add a card with MORE music. The reviews are great, easy to add music to and the best part is the price; $37.00. Beat that Apple.

I also picked out a Stone Cask Ice Round. What? Think “large ice molds”. Why? For drinks. Make drink. Add ice. Make drink. Add ice. Make drink. Add ice. How about add ice ONCE. I have been wanting something like this for some time. I figure I would try the product out. $8.00.

Done. The time is nearly 9:00 p.m. and I have yet to have a drink. Correcting that problem in 3….2…..1….

midnight kiss drink

See YOU back here for more bikes, drinks and Amazon (crack). Cheers.